1. AoSapphire

    [Ace] Status menu problem

    Okay! I'm going to ask help again! :kaohi: I was able to fix some errors earlier that appeared as I test the game but there are still some things that are not right about it... I've been going at it for hours now and I'm really tired since it's already night here... Anyways, I created a new...
  2. SailorRose

    Compatibility issues between Yanfly's ABE and Himeworks' PSE scripts...

    Yanfly's ABE = Ace Battle Engine Himeworks' PSE = Pre-Skill Events So after a lot of hard work* and trying to sort this out myself, I come to you for help! I didn't know if this was supposed to be posted here or the scripting help forums. Feel free to move if need be. *Screaming uncontrollably...
  3. PixelatedFantasies

    The Dreaded Junk Symbol! (Already tried many fixes for this, too!)

    Before you ask, I have tried Lonewolf's custom Font Junk Symbol Fix, as well as Mithran's Text Cache Fix and Mezzolan's Arrow Fix and one other arrow fix script that I saw posted somewhere by Galv. (Lonewolf's script did fix this issue outside of battle, such as on item descriptions and the...
  4. Yanfly Engine Ace - Learn Skill Engine v1.00

    Hello everyone, sorry for posting this for it has been discussed all over the web. but I have searched, and searched, and cannot find answers. I am using Yanfly Engine Ace - Learn Skill Engine v1.00. I have the classes note tags to . and I have in the skills notebox of the first skill to be...
  5. Oscar92player

    [VX Ace]Toggle Fullscren option

    NOTE: This is not accord with the Fullscreen++ script, but with the default fullscreen mode. Hello again, everyone! Now that I have an answer to my question regarding the fullscreen mode, now I want to add an option inside the game to give the user to toggle between Windowed and Fullscreen...
  6. viviatpeace

    [ACE] Yanfly script causing divide by 0 error

    Hi there. I'm working on a game and installed the Yanfly Battle Engine along with some other scripts. However, I now get a 'Script 'Window_Selectable' line 49: ZeroDivisionError occured. divided by 0' error. I traced it and the line says def item_width (width - standard_padding * 2 +...
  7. YEA - Free Turn Battle BUG

    Hello there, I'm having an issue with the "YEA - Free Turn Battle". I'm using it with the TheoAllen's side battle system. When I finish a battle and the gold/exp is received, every window close, the monster sprite reappear in the scene and then the transition goes from battle to map. Is...
  8. Blackpapalink

    [VX Ace] Yanfly Equip Ace and Yami Equipment Learning help

    I would like to know if it is possible to set Yami's Equipment learning script to show over Yanfly's Equipment Engine by pressing the  key. Instead of this, I would like something like this to happen when the C key is pressed, Here are the links to the scripts: Yanfly Equip...
  9. Blackpapalink

    [VX Ace] Yanfly Equip EngineAce Hiding Equipment Slots on Actors

    I would like to know how I can hide the equipment slots on specific actors. For reference, I a Samurai actor, but he doesn't need to use shields or arrows.  This is the script I'm using. https://github.com/Archeia/YEARepo/blob/master/Gameplay/Ace_Equip_Engine.rb
  10. Pr0ph3t

    MV / Yanfly ATB Batlle Queries

    Hello, I am new to RM and just recently bought MV. I must say its an awesome tool for the creative minded, and I'm no scripter. However I'm having some issues. I am using many of Yanflys Plugins, however when I am in battle ATB charges, if I select attack it makes me choose all my parties...
  11. YEA Class System, wrong class lvl shown

    Hi, I was looking for info on the matter but since I didn't found anything I'm posting here. I have a problem regarding the YEA Class System and possibly this Actor Formulas script, and I say possibly because I think these 2 are conflicting in some way, but I'm not sure though. Let me explain...
  12. Ally

    YEA-Victory Aftermath - Change Windowkin only victory

    Hi guys, I vave a problem with this script... I would like to have a customized windowkin when the character wins... I would eliminate windowskin here: I tried to do a mini script, but not working:module YEA::VICTORY_AFTERMATH WINDOWSKIN = "Trasparent"...
  13. Chester

    YEA- Event Chase not working...

    Hello, Here is the site https://yanflychannel.wordpress.com/rmvxa/field-scripts/event-chase-player/ I tried doing exactly in the image on the website and it doesn't fully work. I can get the monster to "slowly" chase me and that's about it.
  14. DoubleX RMVXA Unison Addon to Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Battle Engine

    Purpose Lets users make actor unison skills/items needing multiple actors to use Notetags Configurations Info Video Games Using This Script None so far Prerequisites Scripts: 1. Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Battle Engine 2. DoubleX RMVXA Clear...
  15. DoubleX RMVXA Clear Addon to Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Battle Engine

    Purpose Lets users clear previously inputted skills/items when inputting actions Configurations Games Using This Script None so far Prerequisites Scripts: 1. Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Battle Engine Abilities: 1. Little RGSS3 scripting proficiency to fully utilize this script Terms Of...
  16. DoubleX RMVXA Percentage Addon to Yanfly Engine Ace - Battle Engine Add-On: Free Turn Battle

    DoubleX RMVXA Percentage Addon v1.00a to Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Battle Engine Add-On: Free Turn Battle by DoubleX Note This script is extremely similar to Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Battle Engine Add-On: Free Turn Battle so crediting DoubleX or his alias will violate this script's terms of use...
  17. MrPurpleDreadlocks

    Follow Up Skills Eval Assistance

    Hello lovely folks, I ran into a problem. Follow Up Skills: https://github.com/Archeia/YEARepo/blob/master/Gameplay/Follow-Up_Skills.rb I have 3 Skills. A Skill called Fire Jolt, a skill the player users to shoot a jolt of fire at an enemy. A Skill called Master of Fire that makes it when...
  18. Zacyia

    [VXAce] Tankentai or YEA Issue-Repeating skill

    Having an issue with either Tankentai or YEA. Any skills that I use when testing my project, will continue until the targeted enemy(s) is dead. So if I use "Sweep Kick", it keeps hitting the opponent until they die. Any Ideas on what could be causing this?? -Update- Ok so the skill isn't being...
  19. zilgaant

    [VX ACE] Bestiary Script Compatible with some YEA Scripts

    Everyone, i want to make a request regarding YEA which is a Bestiary Script :D Bestiary that will be compatible with : YEA - Menu Engine (to put the command) YEA – Extra Drops YEA – Enemy Info & Steal Item (so the displayed status will be in sync with the data we saw on battle and i have...
  20. wrigty12

    Yanfly Party System Swap Fix - Use Actor ID instead of Index number

    I am using the YEA Party System, and I came across the Yanfly Party System Swap Fix by Soulpour777. It uses two index numbers as arguments, then swaps the actors in those index locations. I would like a slight alteration to this, where instead of 2 index locations, I would like to give it an...

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