1. Parallax Panda

    More battler frames plugin(s) - solution?

    So, I'm trying to add more than 3 frames for my battlers but I can't find a plugin that's able to do it which is not also outdated. For various reasons, I have to use the latest MV version and the only two plugins that I know of that can do this does not work (anymore). Here's the plugins I...
  2. Yami's YED Skill Shop

    This is the plugin I'm currently using How do you restrict certain skills to certain players in the shop? I've tried many different script calls but none are readable by Yami's engine.
  3. Skill Shop setting Actor/Skill Type specific skill purchases

    Hi, so I'm using the YED plugin here: When I get to the skill shop, I want skills for purchase only showing up for certain members. For example, I have a white mage. Only my white mage should...
  4. Sprites aren't working

    So i've been trying to use the YED sideview battler plug in, and test out if it works, but i can't seem to show my sprites, they say this plug in ain't outdated yet so i was thinking I'm doing something wrong here, so here's my note tag and my sprite, please do help me out,if there's already a...
  5. AdamSakuru

    [SOLVED] YED Sideview Battler + Yanfly Row Formation [Visual Error]

    I won't be linking both plugins because the issue is actually with a part of Yanfly's Row Formation not accounting for battler sprites that don't follow the default format. Yanfly's Row Formation: Look at the attached image, the first actor...
  6. killerfer

    Having trouble with YED - Sideview Battler

    I updated my Yanfly plugins and now YED - SideviewBattler doesn't work. Since the plugin need YEP - Animated Sideview Enemies, I think one of the last updates for it may be the cause. Here the plugins in case anyone need...
  7. asasinsonic

    YED_SideviewBattler Enemies

    This is an exact problem LadyBaskerville was having. But his solution, given inserting <Sideview Width: x> into the notetag, causes a new problem. Due to adding the width the size of the spritesheet, in battle, it recognizes the enemy's hitboxes the size of the given width, causing my actor to...
  8. Dr.Yami

    Infective State

    Infective State Introduction This plugin provides infective feature for states, which is alike to a virus. After a few turns, nearby battlers will be infected by some certain states. Instruction Place the Infective State plugin below any core plugins from other engines, such as Yanfly...
  9. Dr.Yami

    Skill Shop

    Skill Shop Introduction This plugin provides a skill shop for buying skills with many custom costs. Instruction Place the Skill Shop plugin below any core plugins from other engines, such as Yanfly Engine, and configure the plugin to your taste. There are some notetags, please see them in...
  10. Dr.Yami

    Hospital Add-on: Custom Costs

    Hospital Core   Introduction The Hospital Add-on: Custom Costs provides a more custom cost for Hospital. May requires a bit knowledge about programming for eval. Requires YED_Hospital (Version >= v1.1.1)    Instruction Place the Hospital Core plugin below any core plugins from other engines...
  11. Kane Hart

    What is YED_Tilemap.js?

    I'm looking at this YED_Tilemap.js script and I'm sure I'm wrong but it seems like it's a performance enhancement the way the tiles load? I'm sure I'm wrong that might be wishful thinking but if someone can explain it that be wonderful. 
  12. Dr.Yami

    Retain State on Death

    Retain State on Death   Introduction The Retain State on Death plugin allows users to create states that are not removed on killed. For example, Zombie state cannot be removed on death. Instruction Place the plugin below any core plugins from other engines, such as Yanfly Engine, there is no...
  13. Dr.Yami

    Hospital Core

    Hospital Core   Introduction The Hospital Core plugin provides a fancy hospital scene for healing with controllable fees. The plugin was made in the most minimal way for future add-ons.   Instruction Place the Hospital Core plugin below any core plugins from other engines, such as Yanfly...

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