yep auto passive state

  1. Drunken Paladin

    YEP Auto Passive States + "Trance" Effect

    Hello, I'm using Yanfly's Auto Passive State to create the FFIX-style trance effect to the game from this video. The code below is what it recommends adding to the State note box, but it doesn't work quite as advertised in the video, so I'm looking for a bit of help fine-tuning it. For...
  2. Jachan

    Combination of Buff States problem.

    I am not so sure how to do this but... I do use YEP plugins, including Auto Passive States and few others related, including "Lunatic Pack - Passive Condition Cases". And that's where I come to... You know, when to meet the condition, the state will pop up to activate in effect, yeah? Like, if...

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