yep core engine

  1. Change the game resolution with existing MOG plugins

    Hello everyone. I am using the Moghunter Master Demo MV. I am faced with a game resolution problem when exporting it to iOS devices. I tried the SDKGameupgrade plugin but it doesn't work well and in the export the resolution doesn't change. Testing the YEP Core engine plugin, this works but the...
  2. Xntraxz

    Question: ¿is there a way to do a permanent zoom in battles?

    Hello, im using a sideview battle style for my game, i have YEP_Coreengine.js and the action sequence packs, in those codes you can zoom the camera in battle for certainly actions and perfom animations, but i was wondering if i can set a zoomed camera in battle for default, like a centered zoom...
  3. hikaru909

    Change equipped clothing with YEP Buff & States Core

    Is it possible to change equipped clothing using the Buff & States Core? My idea is that I am having a character transform and, on top of that, it changes their clothing (and it changes back when it wears off). Is such a thing possible with the B & S Core, or is does it require custom scripting...
  4. KotoYama

    YEP Core Engine - InGame Update Real Scale

    Is there any way to change YEP Core Engine's "Update Real Scale" parameter through the game? I wasn't able to find any Plugin/Script commands in the plugin's Help section.
  5. Rexodiak

    Question Regarding Resolution and Black Bars

    Hi all! First of all, apologies if this has been answered before, I couldn't find any useful answer, secondly I'm very new to this program... so you can already expect how much I know about this... So, I downloaded YEP's Core Engine to adjust the resolution of my game to 1280 x 720, the...
  6. Y.E.P Core Engine problem (Solved)

    Hi everybody, I'm here to ask your help. i'm trying to make a custom experience gain from a monster with the YEP Core Engine (the amount of experience is over the 9.999.999 by default), so i make the note tag to gain 9.999.999.999 exp : But when i'm making a battle to test, it wont work ...

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