yep item core

  1. Hahasea

    How to use Lunatic Mode in YEP Item Core

    So I want to use the custom lunatic mode notetags in YEP Item Core, aka these: The problem is, I don't know how ;_; Yanfly's tutorial doesn't explain it, I guess the idea is either you know this stuff or you don't, but I'm trying to learn! So where exactly do these notetags go? Because...
  2. lordvalinar

    [Help - Again(sorry)] YEP_ItemCore Compatability

    Alright so I've run into one final snag. When equipping an item, YEP_ItemCore seems to grab the latest in the IDs (screenshots to follow), however I want to be able to grab the ID of the item selected in the window. Example: Actor gets 2 swords, IDs assigned: 3001 and 3002 (they show up as 1/100...
  3. Ouroboros90

    YEP Item Core & Moogle X Equipment Learning - Window Issue

    Hello everyone, I am having an issue, using YEP Item Core and Moogle X Equipment Leanring Plugins, in combination with dsScreenLayoutSize Plugin, which resizes the width/height of the menus. By default, without the resize Plugin, both YEP and Moogle work fine. With the screen size set to...

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