yep skill learn system

  1. Ameer

    Yanfly Skill learn system bug

    I am trying Yanfly Skill Learn System to get to work but it isn't working my plugin list is here and this is what it shows me tell if it want some other thing I don't have Job Point plugin because I don't like it I think it's most probably some little notetag or plugin command I don't know...
  2. Blackpapalink

    Yanfly Skill Learn - Gold causing crash

    I'm using the the YEP Skill Learn plugin and I'm running into some issues. I'm trying not use gold for skill costs and setting the Default Gold cost to zero as well as setting the Gold cost to zero in notetags causes the game to crash. Setting the Gold cost to one or more lets the game run fine...
  3. Kryllick

    Adjustments to YEP_SkillLearnSystem & _EquipBattleSkills & _ClassChangeCore

    Greetings one and all, I am at the stage in demo development whereby skills are becoming relevant and I am rubbish at scripting etc. I have 3 problems: #1: In using YEP_SkillLearnSystem and YEP_ClassChangeCore: I wish to make a character learn a skill when equipping this particular class, but...

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