1. Austintatious

    RMMV How to get battlelog fast forwarding working with Yanfly BattleEngine

    What is says in the title. In YEP_BattleEngineCore.js I found this Yanfly.BEC.Window_BattleLog_isFastForward = Window_BattleLog.prototype.isFastForward; Window_BattleLog.prototype.isFastForward = function() { console.log("FAST FORWARD"); if (Yanfly.Param.BECOptSpeed) return true...
  2. Madre_Joshua

    RMMZ Five characters in battle at once? YEP 29 Party System? For MZ

    Hello everybody; This is not a request for someone to create a plugin like this, but rather, a question whether one like this exists for RPG Maker MZ. I began my project originally with RPG Maker MV. One plugin I used was the Yanfly Party System (Plugin 29) which, among other things, allowed...
  3. DarkGTX88

    RMMV Yanfly YEP_ItemCore Bug

    Hello, everyone! I seem to be encountering a bug in Yanfly's "Item Core" plugin (YEP_ItemCore.js). The issue has been replicated in a clean (new) project with no other plugins enabled. I am using Item Core v. 1.30 — This appears to be the latest version after checking Yanfly's website. The...

    RMMV YEP_ButtonCommonEvents issue [SOLVED]

    Hello there, I'm having some trouble with YEP_ButtonCommonEvents I've set up the item menu on my "i" key. When I'm using this shortcut, items using common events don't work anymore (or not every time). But these items work perfectly when I'm opening the item menu normally (main menu > item...
  5. jbgs

    Problem with YEP Animated Sideview Enemies plugin

    Hi, so I want to use this plugin to fight with other characters, but when I test a fight, I don't see the enemy I've chosen. I type a command in the enemy's note as it says in the plugin's help section, and I have all the plugins required for it to run. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you in...
  6. CaraPrincess

    RMMV How the heck can I make the image on the title screen animated using YEP Picture Spritesheets?

    Basically, I've got an image in the img/pictures folder, and it looks like this: I am using YEP_PictureSpritesheets plugin in order to make the flames on the character's back appears "animated", but nothing happens, despite I have the plugin installed and I named and placed the file correctly...
  7. Skychord

    Creating Combination Moves, but only with YEP Freebies

    Creating Combination Moves (But only with Free YEP) Hello everyone! When I was making my game (*cough* *cough* Fallen Hero's Journey), I decided that it would be cool to make Combination Moves! However, I was unable to find any team attacks/combination moves/cooperation skills plugin that's...
  8. Parallax Panda

    RMMV Small adjustment to [YEP_StatusMenuCore.js]

    I am using Yanfly's "Status Menu Core" plugin but since I don't like exactly how everything's set up by default, so I'd like some help to make some adjustments. First thing I've been trying is to have the "base parameters" (atk, def, mat, mdf, agi, luc) appear among the other Ex-Parameters and...
  9. TheMeowingFox

    RMMV [SOLVED] Row Formation - How to set the actor home coordinates?

    I've previously used a plugin called SVActorPosition to reposition the party, and I only now replaced it with Yanfly's Row Formation in order to add a bit of depth to the targeting system in MV. The former coordinates I've used are like so: I don't have a very good understanding of the...
  10. Dolorre

    RPG Maker MV Picture Gallery Tutorial

    This tutorial walks you through using the Yanfly Picture Common Events plugin to make a picture gallery. Players can find special items throughout the world that give them access to pictures in a gallery. Requirements: Basic knowledge of RPG Maker MV, Yanfly Core Engine (script, optional)...
  11. Dolorre

    RPG Maker MV Keypad Puzzle Tutorial

    This tutorial walks you through using the Yanfly Picture Common Events plugin to make a keypad puzzle. Players enter a combination on the keypad, and if it is correct, they get a reward (such as treasure or a door opening). Requirements: Basic knowledge of RPG Maker MV, Yanfly Core Engine...
  12. Dolorre

    RPG Maker MV Scratch Card Voucher Tutorial

    This tutorial walks you through using the Yanfly Picture Common Events plugin to make a Scratch Card Voucher system. Players can scratch off squares to earn prizes, and get additional prizes for scratching certain amounts of cards. Requirements: Basic knowledge of RPG Maker MV, Yanfly Core...
  13. RMMV column row formation?

    I aware that there is YEP row formation plugin, but when used for first view... anyway, is there any plugin formation 1 row and 5 column? can request 'digimon world ds/dawn/dusk' formation? as in the picture. the left from the ori game, have 5 spots for actors to battle. row formation for how...
  14. maliyana

    RMMV Getting Yanfly's Limited Skill Use to Allow Unlimited Use for Unique Battlers

    I'm using Yanfly's Limited Skill Uses plugin and wanted to know how to allow individual actors/enemies to have unlimited use of a specific skill (ie. Skill Fire Blaster is limited to a few uses for every actor and enemy, except actor Jimbo, who can use it as many times as he wants.)
  15. Thornton

    RMMV Having trouble using Yanfly's Custom Counter Condition tag

    Hello everyone, I'm having trouble trying to get one of my character's counter skill(s) working utilizing the <Custom Counter Condition> note tag with Yanfly's Counter Control (I have version 1.10). No matter what eval I seem to put in, the same skill is only ever countered with, despite its...
  16. RMMV Inverted dashing

    Hello, I have no idea how I managed to do that but, even if I disable all of the plugins I use, dashing is automatically enabled, and when I press shift, I walk at lower speed so basically I somehow inverted controls of dashing(also tried it on completely new map with no events). I don't even...
  17. maliyana

    RMMV How to Draw Icons on Yanfly's Visual HP Gauges?

    The short of it is that my game has specific types of enemies and I would like their health bars from Yanfly's script to append the appropriate icons underneath it. Here's a (very) rough mockup of what I'm going for:
  18. SirCumferance

    RMMV YEP Attachable Augments

    I attempted to follow the info here, to no avail. I would like to have a chance of a slot being added to a weapon when found/created. @ramza, if you want to help a guy out too, would be awesome, but will take help from anywhere, even that guy in the back....yeah, you. Edit: Formatting
  19. RMMV How to fix chance-based skill using Yanfly's Action Sequence?

    I'm making a magic attack right now called "Cast" where it has a chance to... 10% to backfire on the user. (User takes decreased damage from their attack instead.) 20% to fail. (It does nothing.) 60% to succeed and hit its target. 10% to still and deal bonus damage to its target. Referencing...
  20. Therrao

    RMMV Yanfly Stat Allocation custom cost

    So YEP Stat Allocation have 3 different cost that player can utilize by default. AP, JP and Item. But is there a way to modify YEP Stat Allocation cost to either variable or gold? I can sync variable to item and make the gold and said item to be in the same value as an alternative, but I'm...

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