1. desertbriar

    RMMV YEP Attachable Augments: Adding a slot to equipment

    This is for the YEP Attachable Augments plugin. I'm trying to add a specific augment slot at certain points in the game for specific armor ids with script calls. I tried following the code snippet from this thread on the rpgmaker subreddit, but it doesn't seem to work. // Array of item IDs...
  2. Opromnist

    YEP Skill Learn System: How to have actor exclusive learned skills.

    I use a heavy Class-swap based system with additional subclasses, I was wondering if there's a way to implement actor specific skills. I tried using Skill requirements for a skill each actor had a unique version of, but the skills simply wouldn't display altogether, I'm assuming because the...
  3. Skill Design - Random Debuff Skill that increases the more its used

    Hey y'all! I'm trying to make a skill that gives all enemies a random debuff (this part I have done already, doing it through the damage formula), but I also want to make the skill apply a stackable state to all enemies. Then, if the skill is used again and there is now a state with a counter of...
  4. Custom Battle UI Help - Step by Step

    Hey y'all! I am looking for some coding help with designing a custom UI for side-view battles. I've (hopefully) correctly added it, but to get an idea, I made a mockup video showing off a general vibe/design I'm looking for. It case it doesn't work though, let me try to break it down through...
  5. RMMV Idea for Gab Window (YEP)

    Hi there! So as the title says, I had an idea to use the plugin Gab Window (YEP) [Found here:] http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Gab_Window_(YEP) to have some flavor text scroll across the screen. I have a scene in a classroom where a teacher is rambling on about a subject, and I wanted to have a Gab...
  6. Skill that only appears/is usable when an ally faints

    Hey y’all! Right now I’m trying make a character who gets a skill when an ally falls that lets them gain health and massive buffs. I have access to most if not all YEP plug-ins, and I’ve been trying to use those to find a solution to only letting it be usable when an ally falls. No luck thus...
  7. RMMZ Visustella MZ Event & Movement Core + Yanfly Foraging Script Issue

    Hi, I'm having trouble with event foraging breaking after a port. This was/is working in MV (I still have the MV project data and self variables plugin): http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Self_Switches_%26_Variables_(YEP) http://www.yanfly.moe/wiki/Events_and_Movement_Core_VisuStella_MZ I ported...
  8. On the issue of game FPS count

    My English is not good, so many of the following words come from Machine translation. I'm very sorry.But I still earnestly request someone to help me. Since I learned how to use combat related plugins by YEP,such as YEP_SkillCore,YEP_AutoPassive,YEP_BuffsStateCore,and so on.I have set 6-7...
  9. CrazyCookieManiac

    RMMV Small issue with YEP_BattleStatusWindow plugin.

    In this plugin, it's possible to change the "no action icon" for the actors. However, I can't seem to edit the icon for the enemy. It appears as a black box on top of it and I can't seem to remove or edit it anywhere. Like so: To be honest, I don't want the enemy to have any attack icons or...
  10. desireroad

    Changing Menu name based on switch in Common Event Menu (YEP)

    Hey, I don't know why the menu name doesn't seem to update but whenever I "catch a monster" a switch comes on and the menu name should change, amongst other things. The text will display after I catch the monster but the menu name doesn't seem to want to update though. I am using Common Event...
  11. casteco

    RMMV How to remove the turn highlight in Yanfly's Battle Status Window?

    In YEP's Battle Status Window it draws a highlight over the current acting member. However I cannot find any code corresponding to this and where it's being called Any suggestions on what to look for? Also bonus question: I changed the highlight/cursor color years ago to red and I'm not sure...
  12. leviathantd

    RMMZ YEP Core Engine Error: this._clearUpperCanvas is not a function

    Hi, I am a new user and I downloaded YEP Core Engine to change the resolution of my game. Whenever I have the plugin active I get this error, I tried disabling all my plugins and doing an unchanged new instance of this plugin and I get this same error. Uncaught TypeError...
  13. BlizzroTheArctico

    RMMV MV: YEP_Quest_Journal plugin issue with tags

    So I'm trying to program a quest system into my game, using one of YEP's plugins. namingly the YEP_Quest_Journal plugin. Im not sure if its me, maybe I messed something up. But upon accessing the quest menu, the <br> and <WordWrap> tags appear before every line as you can see in this screenshot...
  14. RMMV Need help with interactive auto-battler combat, found plugin doesn't work

    Hey all! I've been working on a game with an auto-battler combat system using Yanfly's ATB system. The main idea is that there is only one player character who attacks automatically, meanwhile the player has the opportunity to give it orders, buff it, etc. by pressing some buttons. I did find...
  15. Sparky89

    MV - YEP Action sequences - assist

    Please move if in incorrect area? I'm needing some help on Yep action sequences. I can pay for the work or if you don't mind lending a hand? i just need my battles to be more exciting then they currently are. I would need for someone to come in and work on this area of my project. Basic...
  16. RMMV SV enemies don't use the evade animation - YEP_HitAccuracy

    Hey there, I'm using animatedSVEnemies by Rexal (v. 1.16a) and so far I didn't have any problems with it. What I have been doing so far was setting an ex-parameter for the dodge rate to 100% and just went full ham on the enemy. They would always dodge my attack and the evade animation would pop...
  17. Flame_Effigy

    RMMV Battle Commands customization

    Hello, I know specific versions of this plugin request do exist, but none are compatible with all the plugins I am currently using. (as far as I know) Bobstah's Battle Commands Customization is incompatible with Olivia BattleSystemOTB from what I can tell, which is the main reason for the...
  18. RMMV YEP Menu Glitch Crashes Game, Included Error Image.

    Hi, I am running into a bug where in the change party member screen crashes if i exit the menu with the second actor selected in my party. Here is a screenshot of the Error:
  19. desertbriar

    RMMV Add-on command to "Remove All" (YEP Attachable Augments)

    Hello! I need some help adding a command to the augments menu in Yanfly's Attachable Augments plugin for MV. I noticed that it would be very tedious for the player to have to unequip each augment individually whenever they need to sell off old weapons or upgrade to a better weapon, and would...
  20. CardeMaker

    RMMV How can i add an custom menu in YEP_MainMenuManager via scripting?

    So, i just made an custom menu scene with SceneCustomMenu by Triacontane, this plugin doesn't allows you to put an link for your custom menu in the main menu, so i tried using YEP_MainMenuManager, but i couldn't do it without using common events, and there's two things that i hated about it: 1 -...

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