1. HiddenAlchemist

    RMMV Yanfly AutoPassiveState: Effect plays once when TP is maxed?

    So a little while ago I devised a simple system using Yanfly's BuffStateCore, StateCategories, and AutoPassiveState where anytime a character's TP reaches the maximum 100, that character recovers from various status ailments and a small animation plays to indicate that TP is now maxed. With...
  2. NowiFate

    RMMV Skills to display Yanfly Auto Passive State

    Hello everyone, I have the Yanfly Auto Passive State Plugin. I want my actors to learn passives, so I did it through skills that would be hidden in battle, so that a player can see which passive skills they have in their Skill Tab. See here how I wrote the skill. However, I think I might...
  3. Zakarijah

    RMMV Calling Common Event in passive states using YEP_BuffStatesCore and YEP_AutoPassiveStates

    I'm trying to create a passive state in battle that cycles through a battle bonus at the end of each individual character action. The state is invisible, never goes away, and is only ever active in battle I have the common event set up and ready to go But I have ZERO idea what I'm supposed to...
  4. Zakarijah

    RMMV Help creating an 'enemy type' passive state attack modifier

    I'm using Yanfly's Auto passive states and Elemental Core in RMMV I've created 3 enemy types: Organic-Mechanical-Ethereal Some can have multiple weaknesses Ethereal enemies are immune to all...
  5. Nekohime1989

    Lufia 2 Style Rings

    I'm trying to create an effect where certain armours increase the damage rate of a specified elemental. example: Fire Ring would increase the damage rate of all fire damage.

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