1. Zakarijah

    RMMV Calling Common Event in passive states using YEP_BuffStatesCore and YEP_AutoPassiveStates

    I'm trying to create a passive state in battle that cycles through a battle bonus at the end of each individual character action. The state is invisible, never goes away, and is only ever active in battle I have the common event set up and ready to go But I have ZERO idea what I'm supposed to...
  2. Nekohime1989

    Lufia 2 Style Rings

    I'm trying to create an effect where certain armours increase the damage rate of a specified elemental. example: Fire Ring would increase the damage rate of all fire damage.

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how do you guys even finish anything

i have like 5 projects in the backburner and it's just so sad that i probably won't get to finish all or maybe even any of them
Did you know that 90% of people in the world use the number in their sentence as they see fit?
It's been a long time since I was here but I have a lot of updates... btw I am teaching again about game programming and game design in some schools here in Brazil hahahaha It's good to see kids and teens learning this kind of thing!
welp, I literally can't continue working on ALEX now that my MZ trial is up (unless I somehow place in the jam which I don't remotely deserve to for my unfinished crap) so I am back on my bullshit

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