1. Blackpapalink

    [VX Ace] Yanfly Equip Ace and Yami Equipment Learning help

    I would like to know if it is possible to set Yami's Equipment learning script to show over Yanfly's Equipment Engine by pressing the  key. Instead of this, I would like something like this to happen when the C key is pressed, Here are the links to the scripts: Yanfly Equip...
  2. Professor Gingey

    Script Switches

    I'm using a script where It's saying I can enable/disable a switch by putting in ON or OFF and to leave it at 0 if I don't want to use that switch. I want to enable it, and I have tried putting in ON and I just ended up crashing. Am I using this wrong? It wouldn't surprise me if I was.
  3. Lunarea

    Super Awesome Face Contest

    Gather around, everyone for a mini weekend contest! Our staff has seen the magnificence of the Random Face thread, and we simply could not deny the TRUE potential of the randomly generated faces - the potential to score you some goodies. And thus, this incredible Super Awesome Face Contest was...
  4. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    YES - Skill Equip Add-on: Passive States

    Overview This is an add-on for Yami Engine Symphony - Skill Equip script that allows you to make equipped skills add a state to the user. So basically, it's like giving the ability to have equipped passive states. Done per request of Oriceles Script Terms of use Will follow the terms of the...

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