1. eat beans

    RPG Maker YouTubers

    What are your favorite YouTubers that cover RPG Maker? Tutorials, reviews, etc. I personally recommend Nitro Rad, he has shown me many great RPG Maker games that I wouldn’t have been able to find otherwise
  2. thunderswagthe3rd

    Best way to promote your games?

    I seen games like pocket mirror, DELETE, ib, etc been getting lotta fame in this community and mostly by youtubers. so i been wondering how poeple from this community promote thier rpg maker games in thier way. I created this thread mosly cause a lot of games i have seen here ( and especially...
  3. BottleCapGames

    Looking for games to Stream!

    So I really wanna stream Gaia's Melody HD, but I can't yet because it's not released. So any games I can stream? P.S: I am very new, which is why I have so few subs, but I am growing my channel. EDIT: DO NOT respond to this thread. I am unable to do this any more. Thanks! P.S.S: Don't sell...
  4. Skunk

    A list of Youtube channels that focus on RPG Maker.

    Ive compiled a list of some of my favorite RPG Maker youtubers. Im sure there are lots more but these are the only ones I have found that focus on rpg maker. (With exception for driftwood as he also dabbles with GMS) Let me see what channels you guys depends on. CHANNELS! Echo607 - Some...
  5. KayZaman

    My Youtube Videos

    ............you know what, that explained on the title of my thread.:kaoangry: Yeah, I like to post my videos on Youtube coz .....never mention to show my videos what's my hobby, progress on RPG Maker and stuffs. Here's what I post. Okay, those are....my....:kaoslp:ZZZZZZ
  6. Rivas

    Need a Lobster Character Sprite

    Hi! I'm making a fan game for a YouTuber known as Chadtronic in RPG Maker VX Ace. In his videos, he has a lobster named Greg. Greg's going to be one of the first two people in the party at the start of the game, the other being Chad. I've search for about 10 minutes trying to find a lobster...
  7. Custom Battle Animation Sequences

    Hello, I'm new here. I was wondering how to create an animation sequence. I've watched some of Yanfly's videos on Youtube but I just don't get how to do it. Can someone help me with this? I need individual step-by-step instructions otherwise I won't get it. I want my actor to do some cool attack...
  8. Studio Blue

    Looking for games to LP!

    Hello! We are looking for games to do "Let's Play/First Impressions" videos. Here is a little bit about us: Our experience is in game development (we've worked in the industry in the Houston area) and writing (Steel is a published author and Teal is an editor), and we've been working on...
  9. LxCharon

    Favorite Video Game Design Learning Sources

    Being as most of us are game designers here I was wondering what sources you use to learn about video game design? I mostly use Youtube, but I do read a number of articles as well. Do you try to learn about game design or do you just wing it? I'm so very interested not only in creating games...
  10. CallMeKerrigan


  11. sleepingforestj

    Hello, I am SFJ, a YouTube musician

    Hey guys! Introducing myself here, I am a distinguished composer looking to collaborate on some projects with talented people. I have a large portfolio of quality work, with lots of game experience. Hit me up if you're in need of a musician and we can work something out~ Portfolio: ►YouTube...
  12. Reapergurl

    Video Link/Embed Video

    So, I was wondering, since we're in the so-called 'spirit of giving', could somebody tell me how to embed a video in the forum responses? I can make a link, but there are times when a video response works much better. I've seen video responses before, so I know it can be done, I just don't...
  13. Liberation

    So i just started a youtube channel

    Hello guys im new to this fourm and youtube, but im doing a playthrough of the game The witch's house So i would love some feedback If you want to check it out here is the link - Lib Plays - The Witch's House #1
  14. Simalono

    Anybody here into making videos?

    Hey I've been getting into just like filming myself being stupid and making my friends laugh with the videos. I've never really done anything too serious but I was just wondering if anyone else does the same. I would love to see some of you guy's work, at least if its original. I'm not exactly...
  15. Loppa

    Speed Pixel Art Horror Chara Editing

    All my work in pixel art, and I edited or create something new. Both standard graphics for POP! Horror City, Official pack for sale on rpgmakerweb. Register on my youtube channel to give me the strength to continue! xD  LINK ALLA PLAYLIST  ( Or scroll the topic ) ☣ ✔POP...
  16. DarkWolf4564

    Need Testers/Programmers for Youtuber Game (Plus others I guess)

    Hello, Fellows... I'll be looking for people who knows about "Youtubers" Especially "Gaming Youtubers." Meaning, this game will be mainly about Gaming Youtubers. I've decided that this is "community" project, also I'll be the manager/organizer since I was the one that made the main "idea"...
  17. Zarsla

    Starting RPG Maker MV Videos

    Hey everyone, I'm starting two rpg maker video tutorial series. One is based on my game(s), that I'm making and the stuff featured in it. And the other I wish to be based on topics that you asked. I'm not good at scripting (so no how to make a plugin tutorials) but I know my way around...
  18. biud436

    YouTube Player

    YouTube Player 1.0.7 by Biud436 Introduction This plugin allows you to start playback of the YouTube video. Video In general, In Android Chrome and Mobile Safari, It doesn't automatically start playback. and you can also stop the video by clicking around the...
  19. Gilles

    Youtube Plugin/Coding Tutorials

    Hey guys, A half year ago i started a german Youtube RPG Maker MV Plugin Tutorial series. Today i started to provide englisch subtitles in my newer Plugin videos. Hope you could and want to a look at it and give me some feedback :)  The newer videos will always provide an english subtitle
  20. jamalMV

    YouTube Vlogger Saga *UPDATED*

      YouTube Vlogger Saga is an animation series i am creating through the use of RPG Maker VX Ace (and pretty soon MV) the series revolves around various groups of content makers from YouTube who must batte with the forces of darkness within the nooks and crannies of internet...

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