1. Corrupted Ralph

    Lets Make A Game Together

    Welcome  :D My name is Shane, or DOTCreeper. I am going to host this community project. This project is called "Lets Make A Game Together" Information  :unsure: LMAGT for short is a game that will be made by you all. I of course will be making around half the game by myself, but I...
  2. Using imported music from youtube

    Hi all, i am not sure how far can i go with the using of downloaded music from youtube. I want to develope some free games and i want to know if there is some kind of copyright doing it... i am sorry i am a newbie ^^ I read other topics on something similar but they were all on copyright...
  3. Is the music in RPG Maker MV safe to use on YouTube?

    Hello, fellow RPG-makers! I had a question regarding the music in RPG Maker MV. So, from my understanding, if we create a game containing a music track from the base game folder (like Battle 3) and include it in our exported game, that game can be played on YouTube without any claims or...
  4. Character Select Screen

    In the YouTube video 'RPG Maker MV Adventures Part 3' on the rpgmakerweb YouTube channel they showed a character select screen. Was this done with a plugin? And if so which plugin was if? Thanks for your help...
  5. Xoltox

    Me Animations!!! (and memes~)

    Zenith Factory Here are the animations that I'm working on these days... Im really bad at it. Sniper (Failed) Loop (Warning 3.9Mb Gif) -   Anarchy Trailer 1 (Original 4 year old video) -  
  6. Matchitza

    How Do You React To Nyan Cat? :3

    Ok, so first Nyan Cat is an internet meme. Hope you guys know it! For who haven't know it yet, you can watch the video i shared below, reply of what you think! Tell us your reaction to this cat! First of all, let's get to the animated gif without songs: And now let's get to the video!
  7. Blinn

    Here's a Pay It Forward trick I just learned

    If you have a friend who is able to monetize their Youtube videos and you've got some time to kill, play your friend's videos and let the ads play while you do other things. You'll help him earn some money, it doesn't cost you anything, and you don't have to sit through all the ads while you're...
  8. Hello, fellow gamers :)

    Hey gamers out there! :D I'm Fyrina! Nice to meet you! Lesse.... Umm... I'm a new youtube..-er and I'm playing any kinda games :) mainly horror right now, cause that's what I'm into at the moment. (sorry for the confusion... No, I'm not making any games... I tried but failed xD so I'll...
  9. T.G.Fighterdoken

    Indie Let's Play Channel needs your support!

    Updated: February 25 2014 Playing Games and Saving lives... One View at a Time.   Want to find out how you can save lives by watching our Let's Plays?  Click the tag below! Support the endless campaign (TEC) by subscribing, and watching some videos - really, no one loses out. So what is...
  10. How do I upload RPG Maker Games on Youtube in HD?

    So I use FRAPs and it records my rpg games in 640x480 no matter what. I use Adobe Premiere Pro Cs 5.5 as my editor. I'm trying to make a quick trailer, but I can't get the quality of the recording right. Other youtubers manage to record their games in 720p, but I can only get 480 at the best, no...
  11. dragon1up

    Tales of , the story of a new journey

    Hello fellow RPG + fans of the wonderful  soft we all have access to. Do note this is my first ever time posting something on the forums. What I'll be ideally talking about with you guys is my own game, posting relevant content in regards to it. As well as links to the fb page, and the youtube...
  12. Abaddyn

    Abaddyn's Youtube Channel

    I uploaded my first two videos. I plan to upload more as I learn. Plus I enjoy creating them.  -- My Channel is -- Please Subscribe and if you enjoy the videos don't forget to comment and like them. I am currently working on another video and will be posting it here in the week or so.
  13. NicoB

    [NicoB's Official Let's Play/Try Thread] *REQUEST YOUR GAME HERE*

    @Avvy: I'll probably try it again....I just need to gather up the courage. ; _ ;

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