1. silkelly

    Looking for Rpg Maker games to Let's Play.

    Hi, Like you could read from the title I'm looking for some games to LP on my youtube channel: I really like RPG Maker games because most of them have really good stories and that's the biggest reason I enjoy playing them, so if your game has a really...
  2. Tea's Jams


    I don't know how I didn't notice this section before!!! :LZSjoy: Hi everyone, you may have seen me around the forums. My name is Tea and I LOVE RMMV!!! I have a YouTube channel that was mostly born from the incredible IGMC 2017 (What a great event, I'm soooo stoked for the next one!), I...
  3. Hello, fellow gamers :)

    Hey gamers out there! :D I'm Fyrina! Nice to meet you! Lesse.... Umm... I'm a new youtube..-er and I'm playing any kinda games :) mainly horror right now, cause that's what I'm into at the moment. (sorry for the confusion... No, I'm not making any games... I tried but failed xD so I'll...

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Hello Wondering if you take commissions?
I should make an page one of these days...Maybe for my next large update.
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Another demo of the dynamic cloud cover system, this time complete with the original soundtrack composition (which sounds even goofier at this 2x playback speed). Much left to tweak but I like it so far.
And now, some custom emotions to give the character life... :kaoslp:

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