yume nikki

  1. Neo_Kum0rius_6000

    I Found Out What Yume Nikki's Music Uses.

    For years I've been searching around for the synths and software that was used to make Yume Nikki's distinct sounding music and while searching around some archives of Kikiyama's prior work "Thank you The Cutting Room Floor" I found some of the exact synths used for Yume Nikki's music here's...
  2. Blackyu


    [Hey, I made a recruitment thread a little while ago, and with the project plans changing, I'll just re-write that one and bump it instead of creating a new one. I'm waiting a little while before re-writing. Good day to you !]
  3. FrozenNuke0327

    What is it with the "Change Graphic" option..?

    It would seem that in RPG MAKER XP you can select frames of the graphic when you select the "Change Graphic" option, However this doosen't exactly seem to be the case in RPG MAKER VX ACE in which when you select something, It selects the whole damn thing, Is there some way to select certain...
  4. FrozenNuke0327

    Currently unsure whether or not this is a glitch or something..

    I open my up my project and then get past the first map, then i get to second map and somehow with the parallax background.. I am not able to walk around, despite the parallax background just being an image, I am unsure if this a glitch, error or just an error with the events, I am open to...
  5. Luiishu535

    RMVXA Wrath of the Tea Kitten

    Wrath of the Tea Kitten Wrath of the Tea Kitten is a Lynchian (sort of) Adventure game about forbidden love, tea kittens and mystery men. The Cast Libby: A young and goofy woman who currently lives at Hotel Grubba on the 8th floor. She's in love with a man from her dreams who's known as...
  6. Archeia

    RMMV Omori

    [KICKSTARTER][WEBSITE] [FACEBOOK] [TWITTER] [RMN] *** A surreal, exploration, horror RPG. Travel between new (old) worlds and uncover new (old) mysteries with your new (old) friends! ♥ OMORI is a surreal psychological horror RPGmaker game. You must travel between two worlds, both...
  7. IMHunter

    How to make a game like "Yume Nikki" on Rpg XP???

    Well, I just finished playing the popular, "Yume Nikki" game made by Kikiyama. And I would like to know how to make such a psychedelic like that. Here are the list of things I would like to know- How to make moving backgrounds. How to create a 3D sort of view. How to make a looping map  How...
  8. Levi

    Mind-breaking/Trippy/Creep/WTF Games

    Hey there, I've been reading up on "trippy" and weird video games, as well as urban legends (polybius, pokemon ghost etc). List any weird, offbeat, unsettling, trippy, mindf*ck games that you know of. Doesn't have to be retro-style. My List: http://en.wikipedia....wiki/Yume_Nikki...

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