1. Heystack

    Heystack's free 8bit and 16bit MV/MZ assets.

    I have created a lot of 8bit and 16bit assets for Rpgmaker MV/MZ and want to share with you. They can be used and changed to one's needs. BUT, CD-I fanart may not be used for games that are sold. I'm new to this and am willing to listen to complains, ideas and advice. [#spoiler] [#/spoiler]...
  2. Buckthorn

    RMMV World's Smallest RPG: Rev

    TYPE: An NES-style action adventure RPG, based on titles such as Kid Icarus, Legacy of the Wizard and Legend of Zelda. A PS/Xbox or any Controller with 4 buttons or more is recommended. STORY: This game stars Ajax, a cave-dwelling fellow who lives with his overbearing parents, but with the...
  3. Mcniner

    I Need Character Sprite.

    content removed by moderator So I'm making a Zelda fan game, and I need something like this: Basically the Link from the original Legend of Zelda in 1986 with blue clothing, and the formatted for RPG Maker MV. It is ESSENTIAL that they have the NES graphics, as my entire game will be in that...
  4. RMMV Game Idea: TMNT/Legend of Zelda RPG (working title)

    DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the two franchises, only the story. Premise/Setting: Banished by Krang after attempting to thwart his invasion, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles find themselves in the land of Hyrule consumed by darkness and on the verge of losing the war against Ganondorf...
  5. RMMV QABS script error

    I have no idea why the error is here. When I was trying to use my Sprite in Demo project there's still that problem
  6. ovate

    Alternate Zelda Style Map Transition - Scroll Type compatible

    GridScrollMap.js - 1.3.0 (2018/02/25) Creator name: Triacontane Overview Seamless screen transition while scrolling on large maps Note: Scrolling effect occurs on large map. (not small maps separately) Features - Plugin command isn't required unless you want to disable map scrolling. -...
  7. Norpoleon_IIme

    RM2k/3 Eheb Saga - Droughtlock

    VERSION 1.60 EHEB SAGA - DROUGHTLOCK "Eheb Saga - Droughtlock" is an action-RPG set in an apocalyptic dark fantasy world. I made a large part of the content completely myself: especially graphics and music. In top-down view, you fight your way through dark dungeons and defeat powerful...
  8. Hexagon_P

    RMMV Zelda Like Music-Mechanic Plugin

    Hello Plugin Makers, I Would like to place in a Plugin Request for a Zelda like music-mechanic, Similar to the one in "Ocarina of time","Majora's mask" and "Windwaker". I want the plugin to work the same or at least somewhat close to the mechanics in those games. It would be nice to have it be...
  9. Val_Ainsley

    FREE REQUEST The Legend of Zelda: Servants of Darkness (Fan Game) Recruitment Thread

    Welcome to the recruitment thread for The Legend of Zelda: Servants of Darkness! Engine: The game will be made with RMMV. However, that could change to RMMZ. Synopsis: A new threat has befallen the kingdom of Hyrule. The New Order of Calamity, led by the Gerudo chief Ganondorf, is holding...
  10. Val_Ainsley

    RMMV Idea for a Zelda Fan Game

    Engine in use is subject to change I'm calling it The Legend of Zelda: Servants of Darkness. The basic story of the game is that a cult led by Ganondorf, chief of the Gerudo, is working to take over the land of Hyrule so that Ganondorf can unleash his true form of demon king Ganon and turn...
  11. Drake-_-Azric

    No-Scroll Screen, Max/Best Tile Amount?

    I'm working on designing my game and need to know how many tiles wide and high I can fit on screen at once. It's for a Zelda-type action/puzzle game, in which each map is 1 screen with no scrolling. I know I can change the screen resolution with plugins, and I currently have it set to 1248×720...
  12. Vintendo

    Help to make a Special Battle System

    Hi i have a few Questions(I use RPG maker mv for Nintendo switch): 1 Is There a a way to make a Zelda Like Battle System in Rpg Maker mv for the switch? 2 is There a way to make a Party Game with a dice and Minigames?
  13. topazlake

    New. Want to make something like Zelda 1 or Pokemon.

    Do you think it would be possible for a newbie to use RPG Maker XP while making own tiles for the world and own pixel art for sprites? I want to start making something like the first Zelda. It seems simple. Thoughts?
  14. chigoo

    RMMV Dear Hearth

    Welcome To The Island Of Hearth Story It was 10 decades ago when the portal opened and from it evil so old, that only old and ancient magic forgotten to the world can defeat It. Many have fallen to this great new threat. Adventures from all over the world have come to hearth looking for...
  15. Typho20k

    RMVXA (Zeldalike) A Troll's Fable v.1.0

    A while ago, I played ''Legend of Zelda: The Lampshade of No Real Significance'' and I loved the artstyle so much I tried making a game with the same charm artwise. Our hero Nimble start as a normal troll child, sleeping in his bed when his friend comes in to wake him up to remind him that it's...
  16. ovate

    LoZ - single-screen maps transition (640x360)

    single-screen maps with automatic movement between them - April 29, 2016 Creator name: Ben Hendel-Doying Features single-screen maps with automatic movement between them Allow for the automatic movement of the party between maps simply by walking to the edge, without the need to create ANY...
  17. RMMV Forsaken Kingdoms : Zelda/KingdomHearts Inspired ARPG

  18. Slaughty

    RMMV Hawk 51

  19. JayIsrael

    Tilt shift filter

    To offer a bit of style to a game I've been working on, I have blurred the bottom and top halves of my map, and when the player characters are on those blurry sides of the map, they appear blurred as well. This simulates a "tilt shift" photo effect, which is awesome, and it looks pretty cool...
  20. definite_lee

    RMMV Naima's Melody - A Zeldalike Action Adventure Game (DEMO!)

    SYNOPSIS The world has become ravaged by a dark and hateful evil. It is spreading across the lands, turning old allies against one another, destroying once noble kingdoms, and corrupting the great spirits that watch over all life. Our hero ends up thrust on a quest to uncover the source of this...

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