1. Zheg

    Issue with YEP actions Jump skill

    Hi everyone actually i having a problem with YEP action sequence with jump skill im using the code that yanfly did for jump skill its working good by the first use, but after that, doesnt work anymore using again jump wont land anymore, also killing enemies without jumping for the second time...
  2. Zheg

    Seasson Pass DLC 4

    So what happened with it? its been more than a year and they never released it
  3. Zheg

    Scene not defined

    Hi everyone im having a trouble with adding a scene to optionCore plugin of yanfly i want to add the monsterBook plugin of Mr. Trivel https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/monster-book.49363/ but when adding it, says Scene_MonsterBook not defined i got this when selecting the...
  4. Zheg

    RPGMMV callscript

    Hi, im wondering if exist a method to call a script (js) from the game to the html?? and process some score to it? i mean, here's an example: i have a game with hi-scores table and i want to that scores, also shown in the html i know the basic of js and html but to transfer that information...
  5. Zheg

    scriptcall for "if actor is unarmed"

    Hi, i need a conditional scriptcall like if (actor is unarmed){    do this } thx
  6. Zheg

    Old Man Resource!

    Hi everyone, im here to share the old man resource that i made using Photoshop, free for use and hope you like it! To use it, just copy the Generator Folder into RPG Maker MV installation Folder (C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\RPG Maker MV) Nothing would be overwrited, unless you...

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I have officially released JABS 2.00.

Do people think there would be value in releasing the non-JABS plugins as separate posts/threads here on this forum?

Additionally, I just would like to drum up excitement/anticipation/hype that I plan on spinning up the following:
- A custom crafting system that grants is modeled after the star ocean franchise.
- A custom menu system to go along with JABS on-the-map.
If a developer focuses too much on describing the game mechanics in the official trailer for their RPG, I'm going to wonder whether their writing is so bad that it doesn't deserve center stage for their game. This seems to be a pitfall for the marketing on a lot of games.
Only 2 projects ongoing, but not quite started yet: World of Persona (you know how it would go by the name) and GAN.
First one would be kinda of a Persona game, (but international not only Japanese!!!), and the other one is just for Spain (at first) (because it needs to be done for each country after all, it's an all-branches educational game)
As far as i can finish World of Persona, it means GAN is viable.
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