1. ArtistDavidHarper

    Trying to modify escape chance per enemy

    Greetings! In my current project I'm using different types of zombies. My idea is to have one of the types have a broken leg and if the player defeats all the other zombies and runs from the "broken leg" zombie it'll be practically guarenteed. The yanfly battle engine core plug-in lets me...
  2. JohnDoeNews

    RMMV BiteMe!Twins

    Prologue A long, long, loooong time ago, somewhere last year, I bought a tileset (Pop!Horror city pack) on steam. I loved it so much, I did spend weeks building a city, not being satisfied with the result, deleting it and do it again. Until I ended up with the city Marterdam. I knew the theme...
  3. winlu

    RMMV FATAL [Survival Horror RPG]

    Genre: Survival Horror Engine: RPG Maker MV Story You wake up in a room. Lonely and deserted. Your head hurts and you have no memories. You walk through the dark corridors of the mysterious station and look for an exit. But soon you realize that you're not alone. An infection turns people into...
  4. Resources for zombie project

    Hello, I need resources for free use (commercial and non-commercial) of apocalyptic style, be they zombies, graphic resources (like blood etc) among others. It's for my project (My 1st project) that deals with a mutation viruz. Thank you.
  5. JohnDoeNews

    RMMV The Last Of The Living (Yes, zombies...)(Project on hold)

    I work with an artist, who draws pictures to my story. I've met him trough facebook, and his drawings perfectly match my writing style. Things don't move very fast yet. At first I am writing the story, then I wait for his art to put to is, and only then I can make it into the game it is going to...
  6. Matseb2611

    Snares of Ruin

    Features: A detective story with choice and consequence, set in a modern day urban fantasy world. 6 female characters to romance, all unique in some way, ranging from a sexy vampire to a cute elf! Build romantic or platonic relationships with the ladies in a variety of ways: dialogue options...
  7. Negi-Mox

    Need to get maked a chracter of this image!!

    Hey everyone,I just changed my profile pic.So as I posted this thread by the title you can guess what I need here is the image: I could have maded I chracter by myself but I know nothing about chracter making.And yes I need the chracter Vx Ace But you can make it for Xp then i will convert it!!
  8. AeroFunk80

    Zombie Sprites & SV Battlers

    esource Type: Characters and SV_Battlers Maker Format: MV Art Style: I want the standard Character and SV_Battler look from MV (cartoony), but I wouldn't mind some missing eyes, jaws... Description: I have searched and searched for some zombie characters and sv_actors, but I cannot find any...
  9. CharismaticGamer

    Shooting System

    Hey guys, So i'm making a zombie survival game and i have the map and everything almost done. I have the zombie stripes and more. I'm just missing a few more things. One of those things is having a shooting system. The way i want my shooting system is by making it shoot 4 directional. I dont...
  10. CharismaticGamer

    Real time zombies/shooting

    Hey Guys, So i'm trying to create a zombie survival game where the game has a real time shooting system. I have the tiles for the zombies (I believe) but the problem is i don't know how to have shooting in real time. I don't know if i'm saying it right but basically I want to have a shooting...
  11. hiddenone

    Piece of Cake

    Want to hear a story?  There'll be cake~   The world is full of adventures just waiting for the right people to take them on.  Some pit the heroes against a cruel tyrant.  Some drag adventurers through deadly deserts to face dragons, or worse.  Adventures that make for great tales to...
  12. trevers18

    Z [13+]

      Inspired by games like Until Dawn and The Walking Dead comes a game about survival in a world infested with zombies. When the world falls to pieces, survival is key. Every decision must be made carefully - one wrong turn can lead to certain demise. You take control of six plucky survivors and...
  13. SilverDash

    Undead Plugin (invert healing <==> damage)

    Undead v. 1.00 Author: Silver Features: - Converts healing to damage and/or damage to healing for undead enemies and/or players. - Using notetags you can specify what skills and/or items will have their damage/healing inverted. - Optionally: adds an undead-state for compatibility with other...
  14. xcom

    ZOMBIES! Well at least the basic bodies....

    Well I was working on something that needed basic zombie characters.  After I was done, I decided to share them here.  I used the one in the Base Resource DLC as a example. TERMS OF USE: They are free to use for anyone for anything. Just give credit due. This is just the core male and female...
  15. Flashhitter

    IN-Development - Here Lies: No One - Horror/Drama

    Currently  in-development Here Lies: No One A Post-Apocalyptic drama/horror          Based on the book- Here Lies: No One -comes a drama/horror story centered around two groups of survivors -a group of high-schoolers, and a group of scouts- as they try to survive the devastation of the world.  ...
  16. Flashhitter

    IN-Development - Here Lies: No One - Horror/Drama

    THIS TOPIC IS BEING MOVED FROM EARLY PROJECT DEVELOPMENT TO PROJECT DEVELOPMENT         Currently  in-development Here Lies: No One A Post-Apocalyptic drama/horror          Based on the book- Here Lies: No One -comes a drama/horror story centered around two groups of survivors -a group of...
  17. RPGXPJoanita

    You VS Zombies Demo

    SUMMARY:   CHARACTERS: SCREENSHOTS: CREDITS: (can change)   Download Link: NEWEST VERSION AVAILABLE: YOU VS ZOMBIES VERSION 1.3   Notes: The whole game is still in development.  FOR MORE CURRENT AND UP TO DATE INFORMATION PLEASE VISIT:   I would love to hear comments or suggestions ...
  18. arayproductions

    Oh Crap, Zombies...

    Oh Crap, Zombies...     Story   Craig Reeves has spent the past couple days working from home, not leaving his house.  Little does he know, the zombie apocalypse has been happening in the world around him.  When his best friend and roomate, Kristie Smith, returns home to let him know what is...
  19. D.Season

    Works for me. So far it's good. It inspired me to make my own game. thanks
  20. RyanA

    Rad's Retro Tiles

    Awesome, them pre-made houses are great too!

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