1. puubutt

    How to zoom in properly?

    Hello~ I was trying to have my game zoomed in throughout the whole run of the game because I feel like the game feels too far away with my pixel art- so I used the plugin that RPG maker itself gives you (Community_Basic) to zoom in. My problem is that the resolution I wanted 448x320 basically...
  2. Xntraxz

    Question: ¿is there a way to do a permanent zoom in battles?

    Hello, im using a sideview battle style for my game, i have YEP_Coreengine.js and the action sequence packs, in those codes you can zoom the camera in battle for certainly actions and perfom animations, but i was wondering if i can set a zoomed camera in battle for default, like a centered zoom...
  3. GuanyuMaker

    Message over head plugins compatibility with Zoom plugins.

    Hello Everyone! Its a well known issue where functions that shows messages over an event like Galv's Message Style "pop" funciton or yanfly's message core extension 1 "msgevent" function dont work well with zoom plugin's such as SRD's camera core or MBS - Maps Zoom. Thats because the message...
  4. jjbones123

    Questions about MV's Zoom feature:

    Hello! I have some questions about the script that can be used to zoom in the camera in RPG maker MV: My first question is: can you make the zoomed in camera follow the player? Here is the script I am currently using: var xPos = $gamePlayer.screenX(); var YPos = $gamePlayer.screenY()...
  5. Mintorossa

    How to global zoom

    For my own project, I wanted to have a 2x zoom when walking on the map, but not in menues, windows or combat. I've used Masked's MBS_Mapzoom plugin until now, but it's buggy and doesn't get updated anymore. I feel like I've searched every single corner of the internet for a solution, but I...

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