1. DK

    Character Zoom - Allows you to scale characters.

    Title: Character Zoom Version: 1.0.0 Author: DKPlugins Description: Allows you to scale characters. Compatibility: RPG Maker MV: 1.5+ RPG Maker MZ: 1.0+ Features: Zoom player/events via plugin command, comments (only events) or script calls Preview: Instruction: Script calls: "Help"...
  2. Renboo

    RMMV MBS Map Zoom plugin conflicting with other plugins?

    I'm trying to make a visual novel type game, and so I purchased the Visual Novel Bust plugin by Irina. I have no trouble at all displaying the bust, or adjusting the co-ordinates. But I didn't like how small all the sprites and such looked on the map screen, so I decided to run the MBS Map Zoom...
  3. ScSWinter

    RMMZ Map Zoom

    Important Merged with my main script, please refer to it for updates on map zoom: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/multiple-game-tweaks-general-battle-audio-options-etc.125938/ Description This script allows you to show maps with a default zoom. When activated the zoom of the...
  4. Nimbus

    RMMZ Is Nearest Neighbor Scaling Possible in ScreenZoom.js?

    So my copy of MZ came with a plugin called ScreenZoom.js written by Sasuke Kannazuki. It lets you zoom your camera in on different event targets which is pretty cool. However I've noticed that whatever method the plugin is using for scaling causes a really nasty blurry effect on all the sprites...
  5. audo

    Modify YED_Tiled.js so that it can be resized, to zoom in and out.

    I am working with some experimental large resolution tile sets that have stupidly huge tiles. They look cool but I need to be able to easily zoom in and out for it to work in a game. I got zoom working with a mouse wheel but not when combined with YED_TileD. TileD is perfect but it has a...
  6. Kong

    Is there a way to eliminate Ground Flickering when Zoomed in?

    Hey guys, I'm trying myself on a game for (hopefully) charity and I want it to be as good as possible. Therefore I want the game to be zoomed in more than usual because it looks waaay better. But every time the screen is zoomed in the floor is unwatchable and I fear that there is no solution to...
  7. Kuro DCupu

    DCupu Eventing - Camera Zoom v1.1

    What is this about? One of my experiment that allow smooth "zooming" feature via eventing. Modified to be user friendly and easy to study. Requirement Apprentice knowledge of how script call works in event. Understanding of how parallel common event works. A switch (Zooming Mode), 2...
  8. ct_bolt

    Certain zoom values create pixels above character sprites?

    Can someone please help me out? Problem: Can't seem to figure out why certain zoom values such as 2.25 create pixels above the character sprites (events/player). $gameScreen.startZoom($gamePlayer.screenX(), $gamePlayer.screenY(), 2.25, 1) Meanwhile zoom 2.4 & 2.6 work nicely: Is there a...
  9. Parallax Panda

    Script call for zooming at player x, y?

    Like the title says, I need a script call to zoom into the players x, y location. I'm using this for map transfers since I want that zoom effect before you enter a door. The script call I've been using is this; $gameScreen.startZoom(x, y, zoom, duration); The problem for me is with the "x" and...
  10. Lakaroth

    Pinch to zoom Plugin (mobile)

    Is that possible? Maybe with multi touch core support plugin? Thank you.
  11. Falcao ABS - Zoom Big-Boss and Weapons

    Hey :) Does anyone know how to zoom a Weapon? When i zoom an Enemy, then the weapon size is too small. May someone like to help me there, please? Using Falcao ABS
  12. Acer2020

    MBS - Map Zoom and Galv - MV Timed Message Popups

    Hello everyone, hope your all well. I'm having some compatibility issues with two plugins: MBS - Map Zoom and MV Timed Message Popups. Basically, the message popups work fine at normal scale. However, when I zoom into any map, the popups do not anchor to events as intended. Unfortunately i'm...
  13. Robert-Character Creator

    Zoom Compatibility

    Hello! I'm using this zoom script (It's in French...), and I have it working on normal maps. However, I'm using parallax maps made with several scripts, and the script does not work correctly on these maps. Events and the player zoom in properly, but the parallax stays the same. If I provide my...
  14. What is wrong with my script?

    Per the you tube zoom tutorial, here is my script: Var xPos = $gamePlayer.screenX(); Var yPos = $gamePlayer.screenY(); $gameScreen.startZoom(xPos, yPos, 2.0, 300); Here is my error message: Syntax Error Unexpected Identifier What went wrong?
  15. IkutsukiYuri

    How to make Mana Khemia styled battle?

    Hello there, I've been invested in making an RPG game with Mana Khemia's battle system for a long time. But I really don't know where to start. I saw one that did an actual Tales Series' battle system... so I'm wondering if this one is possible? I already know that you can make a bigger sprite...
  16. Kes

    zoom on map (not battle)

    I am looking for a script which enables me to zoom in on a portion of a map - and, of course, then zoom back out. I know of scripts which do this just for the character sprite or in battle, but neither of those are what I am looking for, as I want to use this in cut scenes. Does anyone know of...
  17. Resolution/graphics questions

    I have several questions about the resolution and graphics: 1. I want to make my game's maximum resolution 1080p. I also want an option to choose between different resolutions. Is there a plugin for that? 2. In standard resolution, everything looks fine. However, in 1080p 16:9, everything is...
  18. Jonath4nC

    Change actor zoom/scale and speed according to Y axis?

    Hi all, So there's a really cool script here that allows you to scale actor's and event's size. I want to see if I can give my game a depth perspective, so I'm wondering, is there a way to alter the actor's scale depending on his/her y axis along individual pixels (not by grid)? So the further...
  19. LackeDragon

    Moving the screen in Battle

    Hello! I was playing around with the zoom function included in RPG Maker MV. I got no problem with it on maps, but it's another question in battle. I found out that you can zoom in battle by either using : $gameScreen.startZoom( ) or $gameScreen.StartBattleZoom( ) My problem is, I didn't find...

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