1. Trouble with the zoom function

    I obtained the nifty zoom script for the camera in my game, but it refuses to cooperate with my map. Here's an idea of what the zoom should look like: to but what I'm getting is this: to this. i'm using the french zoom script with it's accompanying prerequisites. why is this...
  2. Stedar

    Screen issues with Yanfly Core Engine v1.09 and MGC Map Zoom Ace v1.6

    Hi guys, I'm having a strange issue in VX Ace with Yanfly's Core Engine v1.09 and MGC's Map Zoom Ace v1.6. The Core Engine v1.0 WORKS with Map Zoom v1.6 and does not have any issues. However with v1.09 of Core Engine, the player can walk offscreen to the left and to the right. Basically the...
  3. Korros

    How to make screen look bigger in VX Ace

    So hey :B I've been working on my game and I've also watched some japanese ones (Mermaid Swap, Mad Father, etc) and I noticed that games made on Wolf RPG Editor look "bigger or "buffier". Anyone has any idea how to make games look like this in VX Ace? (posting image):
  4. kerbonklin

    Any scripts out there for Battler Sprite zoom?

    Back in VX there was an animated battler script that allowed for Zoom functions to make the sprite appear bigger than it was, kind of like the Animation cell Zoom function in the database. What i'm interested is the Zoom function.  Is there any current script out there (that I haven't found...
  5. ShadowFox

    Zooming Script Request

    I am after a specific zooming script for RPG Maker VX Ace. I have searched several forums before requesting this, and have found the zooming script that is written by MGC. After experimenting I found it does not really do what I am after. I MAY however be understanding the script incorrectly...

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