2 part request for art and equipment script

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    For character art I am looking for four full models (2 male, 2 female) the problem is that I need them in their under ware and bandages on their hands and feet. This is for an overlay equipment scene.

    And the script part is to make the scene with this layout


    | 3 |


    | | |

    | 1 | 2. |


    Part 3 has the scene name.

    Part 1 has the actor name on top and an image just below.

    The tricky part is the transparent windows with image fragments that lay over the main image.

    Part 2 is the equipment select screen with (helmets, cloak, amulet, suit, belt, gloves, rings/2, pants, boots, left/right hands( with duel wield)

    And if possible charts for the stats of the equipment went in selection.
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    Art requests go in Resource Requests.  Script Requests for Ace go in RGSS3 Script Requests. Since this is both at the same time I can't just move it to the right place. Please post your requests in the right place. Locking.
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