How long did you spent fixing lag or slowdown issues?

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Oct 13, 2017
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I posted this a few days ago on this thread:

"For people coming here after the v1.6.1 update: it's most probably the sound. MV runs at 60fps but when it needs to load a song on the memory that the program sees as "too big" (>45 sec.) it automatically jumps to 30fps (and stays there till after the map is changed, MV thinks your PC is too weak). Tomorrow I'll try to find a solution, the standard audio lag bug fix that streams the audio instead of loading it didn't work. If you loaded the map without any audio check your on map parallel events (should be as less as possible since they cause low fps and high input lag) and pictures it's trying to load and lighting."

Now, a few days later. The problem was an event (no. 8 in my case) that was loading wrong. All I had to do was copy and past the event so the event number would change and delete the bad event afterwards. The framerate stays at 60fps now with low input latency.

Here is a quick list to check if you have framerate issues:
1. Loading sound. Use the SRD PreLoaderCore plugin.
2. Parallel events. Don't put more then 10 or so on the same map. A comment in an event don't need to be "ran" to be read. Also, you can put more tabs in 1 event which MV parallel checks the switches and variables of. Oh, and by pressing "stepping", events will animate automatically.
3. lighting and shadows. Keep in mind that TerraxLighting, SOUL's Thomas Edison and Quasi Simple Shadows don't require the event to be parallel.
4. Plugins that fight with each other. Some are compatible, some are not. But the worst are in between, they're only partly working. IMPORTANT: If you're using SRD Game Upgrade, make sure to set the "Image Cache Limit" at 100, "Image Rendering at "crisp-edges" and "Garbage Collection Mode" at "On Scene Change". Otherwise the game will randomly set the fps to 30 when you change maps.
5. A switch that's parallel being turned ON, on the map and turned OFF in a (parallel) common event (and vice versa, also applies for variables, please don't calculate with the same variable at the same time at different places).
6. Your map is way too big. I suggest you to keep it at 100x100 tiles max without too many events, not even in parallel.
7. Don't try to place the same (labelled) picture on 2 or more different spots at the same time. You CAN do that as long as they are numbered differently.
8. A map that is "tree-listed" way too far. You know how if you make subfolders it is more organized but it takes you longer to get to the file you need. RPGMV has the same problem. I don't know the limit of this in MV.
9. Resolution. Not that I've seen any problems with this point yet, but it IS possible to get lower FPS if you want a very high resolution, especially on a low end PC's.
10. Your Graphics Driver is out of date. Small chance, otherwise RPGMV would act pretty strange already, but check for updates.
11. If you have a common event(1), and have it activate another common event(2). And if you put a conditional branch in event(1) that requires event(2) to be read, give the event(1) a 5 frame delay otherwise you may get a lot of lag depending on what you're doing exactly.
12. Bad map. Some maps are bad for some reasons and just have a low framerate. I suggest copying and pasting it first, check if that solves it. If not, go to COPIED map and delete event by event, just as long until you find the bad one.
13. Bad event. No clear reason why it happens. Read point 12.
14. MAYBE animations slow down the engine too, but not that I know of.

I highly suggest using SRD PreLoaderCore, the whole feel of the game improves a lot when everything already is loaded. Opening up the taskwindow to see what's going on (F8 I think) will also help solve your problems more easily. And if nothing moves, please turn that autorun event off or make a new tab that turns on when Self Switch A is activated. Activate Self Switch A at the end of the first page. Small afternote: If a problem takes longer than one hour to solve yourself, go take a small break, come back and try again if you have new ideas. If not, search first, then ask for help.

Kind regards,

Arend Galenkamp
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