3D Battlebacks Generator


Jan 9, 2020
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3D Battlebacks Generator

3D Battlebacks

RTP Style

Bridge 3D
Bridge 3D.png

Castle3 3D
Castle3 3D.png

DemonCastle2 3D
DemonCastle2 3D.png

Desert 3D
Desert 3D.png

Forest1 3D
Forest1 3D.png

Fort2 3D
Fort2 3D.png

Grassland 3D
Grassland 3D.png

Lava 3D
Lava 3D.png

Metal 3D
Metal 3D.png

PoisonSwamp 3D
PoisonSwamp 3D.png

Port 3D
Port 3D.png

Room1 3D
Room1 3D.png

Room2 3D
Room2 3D.png

Ruins2 3D
Ruins2 3D.png

Ship 3D
Ship 3D.png

Snowfield 3D
Snowfield 3D.png

Tent 3D
Tent 3D.png

Town2 3D
Town2 3D.png

Town4 3D
Town4 3D.png

Wasteland 3D
Wasteland 3D.png

RTP + Original (Mixed)

Forest2 3D
Forest2 3D.png

Original (Mixed)

Chocolate Wafer 3D

Chocolate Wafer 3D.png

Golden 3D
Golden 3D.png

Monochrome 3D
Monochrome 3D.png

Pastel 3D
Pastel 3D.png

Street 3D
Street 3D.png

Original (Single)

Transparent 3D
Transparent 3D.png

Crinkled Paper 3D
Crinkled Paper 3D.png

Leopard 3D
Leopard 3D.png

Rainbow #1 3D
Rainbow #1 3D.png

Stone 3D
Stone 3D.png

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Condado Braveheart
Centro RPG Maker


Hi guys!​

Are you tired of the same old battlebacks?
Would you like to change the style of your battlebacks and give battles a totally different look?
I came to present you the 3D Battlebacks Generator!

It is a pseudo 3D battleback generator entirely made by me.
The generator is a GIMP project that includes all battlebacks (both battlebacks1 and battlebacks2) from RTP edited for a 3d look style. In addition, this also includes some original graphics to make battlebacks totally different from the classic RTP.

I created it to use with my (MV3D) Environment System, but you can use them in your own project, regardless of using my system.

How to Use
  • Battlebacks must be placed in the Battlebacks2 folder and parallaxes that are scrolling behind must be placed in the Battlebacks1 folder.
  • To make the parallaxes scroll, I used the Moghunter's Battleback Ex plugin: https://atelierrgss.wordpress.com/rmv-battleback-ex/.
  • Battlebacks must be set normally in the map properties as Battleback2; Battleback1 must be set to none.
  • Parallaxes that are scrolling behind must be set using the Moghunter's plugin. Take a look at the plugin's help files to better understand how to do this.
  • Parallaxes must be set to Battleback1, as the Lower layer.
  • It is possible to use 3D battlebacks without using Moghunter's or any battleback plugin, but that way the parallaxes will always be fixed and will not scroll.
  • The resolution of the generated and premade images is 1280 x 720p.
    If you use a different resolution in your game, resize them before importing into your project.

  • To use the generator, open the file in GIMP.
  • There are 3 different parts: Upper, Floor and Underground separated by layers.
  • Change the visibility of the layers according to the desired parts to form the intended battleback.
  • It is possible to change the color of lines and battlebacks. Explore the different colors to achieve different results.
  • Upper and Floor parts have both Images and Textures options.
  • Underground parts have only the Textures option.

Terms of Use
  • Free for commercial & non-commercial use.
  • Do not repost, link to the original thread instead.
  • Credits to CoopNinjask.
  • To use the RTP ones, give credits to Kadokawa and Degica besides me & you need to own RMMV to be allowed to use them legally.


Colossal Pack

Contents (Total: 2.650 files)
  • Battleback1 (Parallaxes): 113 files​
  • Battleback2 (Total: 2.537 files)​
  • RTP: 2.352 files (Includes all possible RTP combinations, except for Sky, Clouds and DarkSpace as Upper Parts)​
  • Original: 88 files​
  • RTP + Original (Mixed): 49 files​
  • Best Matches: 48 files​
  • Includes 3D Battlebacks Generator (GIMP Project)​

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Jun 1, 2019
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Great work!!
This give a new life to the default battlebacks


Jan 9, 2020
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New update:
Portuguese version of the tutorial was added.

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