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[Important Message]
Saddly Daryl as been having some health issues lately.
I already hope to erase this but, the project will be put on hold for now.
He manages to pour some bits of work here and there but hey.
Health comes first.
The hopefull release of December for the first public demo will probably be pushed but I will keep you all updated when possible.
Sorry for the inconvenience, see you when he gets better.

Daryl is following a tough treatment but some activity started again. He is trying to fix some minor glitches since it isn't so tough on the mind.
I am actually proud to announce that work on the Main Characters 3D models is finished.
Ygdralia HadvardHello everyone ! ♥
My name is Ygdralia Hadvard and I'm speaking on behalf of my creator Daryl Hadvard.
So! He ask me to make a thread here to talk about our project !
He's making my adventure into an RPG Maker Game !
Thanks to the help of numerous Creators from both the RPG Maker Forums and the Steam Workshop,
he finally (After 8 Years of using RPG Maker) decided to make an actual game !

I don't really know how the whole thread thing works yet but at least I know I should be on the right forum. (Right?)
Update to this thread (Hopefully) will be frequent.

If you all are interested, let me give a brief summary of the story and show some custom things my creator, well, created.

The game is not really suited for all audiences. :kaosalute:

A Dogma Story: Ygdralia contains:
•Strong language on some characters.
•Serious topics overall.
•Sword/Gun violence. (More cartoony than serious.)
•Drugs (Pills/Potions/Jenkie Characters.)
•Mention of Suicide (really just mention.)
•Loss (The central point of the scenario. Do not play this game if you feel depressed or have just lost someone.)
•Some NSFW content turned off by default. (Changed in the Options menu.) (Also a choice at the start of the game to be sure.)
(I'm having lots of problems with the spoiler buttons for some reason...)
♦UPDATES! as of 10-22-2021
•Both post on the thread have been updated with "Spoiler" buttons. For better navigation and clarity. (Yay ! I now know how they work! ♥♥♥)
•Characters Section as been GREATLY updated.
•5/12 Main Character's Sprites are fully finished.
•75% Completion on menus !!! (Daryl said that this is the most time consuming :kaojoy: )
•Our |Classified| page is now mostly ready. (Unless for decoration.)
•World building (Script) is pretty much done.
•World Building Assets are about 8% if we count everything. (Sprites, Maps, Emblems, etc...)
♦UPDATES! as of 10-26-2021
•Facesets should be ready to go soon.
•Development as actually fully started, most needed assets for the Demo are done.
•Alpha credits have been added.

A Dogma Story: Ygdralia

First off what is Dogma ?
Well I mean, of course, you guys speak English you know what it means, right?
To me "the" Dogma is the force we all have within us, this unstoppable will to be who we are, to actually know who we are.
My story will probably talk that?
Right Daryl?


Okay! So, I'm going to show you guys a bit of what Daryl gave me !

Before you guys get a summary of the story.
A brief description of the game itself.

A Dogma Story: Ygdralia is obviously a part of a series the Dogma Stories but hey, we don't even know if you even care about ME yet.
So this game will focus entirely on Me. And actually someone else too.
The game itself is a classic RPG inspired by Daryl's favorites ! Like Uh... Uh...
Where did I put the...
Dragon Quest/Final Fantasy/Undertale/Persona to just name a few.
(The page he gave me is full...)
It is supossed to maintain the RPG Maker style.
Daryl loves the way it looks and is working arroung it to make everything work.
A lot of Plugins come from the community.
Daryl has no idea how to code.
He took a lot of time and effort to check about every single terms of use as well as to credit everyone.
He also used a lot of Sprites from the community as well to help with th edits and to gain time.
The gameplay of the game will have 2 distinct styles.
A full on JRPG
with Cities/Towns working as places to speak with people get quests and even solve puzzles !
(No spoilers, but there's also some spooky stuff.)

(Thanks to the amazing Quest Journal by Yanfly sidequests should be very fun to do.)

Would you look at that ! Daryl actually showed up !

(Go go! Ygdralia !!!)

Other than that the game (We hope) will be full of surprises and references to a lot of stuff !
A fun ride for everyone supposedly !
Well, given you are interested in RPGs...

Anyway, I think it is time for you guys to check out a bit of work done.
(Note that everything is a work in progress.)

A brief summary of the World
The Dogma Stories are hapening in the world of Heriteria.

Heriteria is a sort of mix of different fantasies Daryl as been inspired by over the years.
You will obviously see the classic RPG things like Monster/Dragons/Knights/Queens.
But it is in a kind of modern world.
A terrible Order calling themselves the Impyrians are trying to take control of everything using Technology and Guns.

The world is seperated in different continents, each being somewhat controlled by one of the Big Factions.

These are in no particullar order:
Fixers.pngImpyrians.pngLow Impyrians.pngEnclume.pngDvarren.pngBlack Flag.png
The Fixers The Impyrians The Enclume The Dvarrens The Black Flag
and more...

(More info on them someday... :p )

The game is depicted in 3 main Acts.
I hope that the first demo Daryl uploads will actually cover the full first Act.
It's interesting sure, but things get really interesting in Act 2 !

A brief clarification of the game's world.
The world is actually a mix between the real world and the world of heroic fantasy of a traditionnal JRPG.
So yeah, Phones, Internet, Modern weapons.
But also Dragons, Monsters like Goblins, wild powerful beasts and magic !

The only thing to note is that weapons like Guns, Tanks, and other military equipments are moderated by the Impyrians.
These equipments very rare and difficult to make since they use materials gard to find.
Also there are no modern planes since the evolution of this world made it so that there are "aircrafts" like in most JRPGs instead of Planes and such.

I hope it is clear enough for the time being :p

So now I think it is time to actually show some stuff !!!!
Here we go.​

Just note that there are 12 playable characters.
Each having full descriptions.
If not here they will have full descriptions in game.

Ygdralia Hadvard:
Character Sheet 1 Ygdralia.png
More Details on the character:
It's me! So, what about me?
Some people call me Yggy. But I prefer Ygdralia for now.
(We barely know each other...)
I was born 22 years ago on the 21th of May.
I grew up in an orphanage until the age of 16 where I left to become a Samurai under the Teachings of Master Sojiro Sakai.
He taught me everything about Fighting, Monsters, and the way of the Katana.
But one day... Well, we got attacked near my home.
Some creatures appeared out of nowhere and they got the best of us Samurai. I survived... But the others didn't...
I then went on to became a "Merc" as they call us.
We usually help people with tasks, like hunting a monster.

These creatures...
They're nothing I've ever seen before...
I wonder where they came from and why?

Asuka Mamori:
Character Sheet 2 Asuka (Missing Faceset).png
More Details on the character:
Asuka! She's my best friend, she's actualy like a sister to me.
I met her at the orphanage she's two years older so she had to get out of the Orphanage before me.
She went on to become a Sailor I think.

Zack Fran:
Character Sheet 9 Zack (Missing Faceset).png
Maxine Field:
Character Sheet 3 Maxine (Missing Faceset).png
Character Sheet 4 Red (Missing Faceset).png
Remember ! 12 Playable characters total ! 8 more to go!
Sorry about the "Faceset", Daryl told me that he is on like 10% done with them and he wants them good enough for sharing.

(The Images themselves will be Updated.)

These previews are HIGHLY subject to change.
These are just a way of sorta showing how maps and characters will look in-game.

Ygdralia's Home (Exterior) [Unfinished]
Yggy Home.png

Two Images of the Rendered Scenes:
These where supposed to appear on the "Status Screen" but they will stay here. For some, reason.

For the viewers of this thread only !
And because I love you guys !
Here's a little Charset to check Ygdralia and Asuka in your RPG Maker MV.
Characters Preview 1.png

They even come with there weapons !

We are aware that all this is not much yet...
But do note that work is going somewhat smoothly and that I will try to update this thread frequently !

A demo will come out.
(Probably multiple demos even.)

Supposed date for V0.1 is before the end of 2021.

A Special message from Daryl !
Hey Everyone!

Here's a message from Daryl !

Hello everyone I hope you like what you see and are interested in Ygdralia and her Story.
This story is part of a universe I have in my brain since as long as I can remember.
It took me sooooo long to get the hang of RPG Maker as well as all the difficult things that came with it.

Sorry for the very long story but, I think I need to write it down.
And maybe people could be interested to know about the Dev as well.

8 Years.
It's been 8 years since I started clicking arround in VX then went to Ace to finally settle on MV.

My life kinda went up and down since then.
I'm enemployed, and have been crashing at my parents for too long now.
My girlfriend and I actually.
Mut she makes up for my powerful/slacking since she takes care of the both of us.

I always had this world, these characters and events evolving in my head.
Since I was a little kid I started "thinking" this whole universe.

So throughout my life I learned English (I'm French btw) on the internet and playing Oblivion.
Played so many games.
Documented myself on a lot of stuff, (World Building/Story Writing/Game Development)
Being a school dropout gave me a lot of time. The perfect work system of France too.

It also gave me time to fidget arround by myself as well, I learned Spritework by myself as well as Photoshop.
I worked tirelessly on projects that never came to be. 6 to be exact.

And all this knowledge is going to waste...

So back when MV came out I actually bought it on steam day one. And learned all the new things.
I was always afraid of using other peoples contents since I don't want to end up in jail...

But when I saw the quality, the passion and the sympathy of so many creators.
I said to myself, yeah, they are actually encouraging others to do some stuff, so.

But didn't...

Then came this very dark and random japanese game called Koikatsu Party. (Yeah it is NSFW) I saw that community and all these modders making content and scripts and all that just for some screenshots/memes.

Oh wait? Screenshots can work as cutscene images and I'm not good at all with blender or unity.
Checked everywhere and no, can't know if what I'm working on is legal since the Koikatsu devs are full Japanese...

I then went on to again... Work only for fun.
Actually abandonned the idea for awhile and just, wasted away I guess?

This specific project started on the 7th of September 2021.

But 4 days before that.
Half of my ressources and stuff for RPG Maker dissapeared.

Just like that.

My 1To HDD Hardrive almost full died.

I actually got destroyed.
Spent 4 days in total shock/depression. (I think)

So I woke up one day. Started working on the actual model for Ygdralia. Loved the way she turned out.
It appeared again, this tiny light of creativity. I was back on track.

But my parents and Girlfriend are taking care of me...
I need to make this count.

So that's when I thought. What I want to do, is create my world. Give hommage to the community and to RPG Maker Itself.

So, here's Ygdralia.

A game that looks and sounds like RPG Maker but represent my world.
And that world, I want to share it with as many people as possible.

Since I don't want problems by trying to sell the game I make.

It will be free.

If any of you are interested in helping a total loser, we made a page for donations.
Where I shall post my more sensible work.
And maybe get enough people to push me to make a totally original game.
Though I think RPG Maker is amazing and that it is art on its own.

Sorry for this and probably a lot of mispelling since it is 9 am and I haven't slept tonight.
Thank you so much if you read all that, it means a lot to me.
I hope to talk with you guys about the game as well as personnal struggles.
This is a community of RPG Maker fans and I think I need to give back to you all.

Ygdralia: This concludes Daryl's message as well as this post.
I you want more about my story, you can chack our social medias.
Bye ! ♥

Daryl's Twitter for questions and other social links (Eventually :p ): (Seriously, do come ask questions !)

Credits (Subject to change)
♦Engine/Software Used♦
•RPG Maker MV (Credits to Kadokawa/Degica)•
•Koikatsu Party (Credits to Illusion/Sideloader and the amazing community and Modders.)•
•Photoshop 2019/2020 (Credits to Adobe)•
•Audacity (Credits to Muse Group)•

♥Thanks to the amazing RPG Maker Community.♥

♦Plugin Credits♦
Kadokawa/Enterbrain/DEGICA Co., SumRndmDde, Galv, Yanfly, Moghunter/AtelierRGSS, Victor Sant, Hime (HimeWorks),
Cellicom, Rexal, Liquidize, Sasuke KANNAZUKI, Yoji Ojima, Exhydra/Ossra, Tsukimi, Mr. Trivel,
RPG Maker Irina, Fallen Angel Olivia.

♦Sprite Ressources♦
Kadokawa/Enterbrain/DEGICA Co., hiddenone, Avery, Green.Zero, PandaMaru, mjshi, Johan86, STarBird,
Cyanide, Avery, TheStoryeller01, whtdragon, slimmmeiske2, @22pepperjack, @hadecynn, mon, BaconSmite,
Archeia, Caz, Thernz, yurudorashiru, BB Entertainement, Hira2, Rhino, takenflyght, Bokou, RavenBlackbird
Bibo, YogiKun, IceKun, Victor Moura, Chalkdust, Leon Kennedy, Michael Rookard, Marimo, Eliot Truelove
SkottyTV, K2loid, Charles Hurst, Ækashics.

Huge thanks again to the Steam Workshop Community as well as the RPG Maker Forums for the inspiration
and ressources.
All this work offered to the community, it is absolutely fantastic !

Kadokawa/Enterbrain/DEGICA Co.
Addinonal Sounds from Zapsplat.

If anyone is not credited please let me know !
(After losing two different PCs some names prossibly got lost.)

Also some creators credit might not be needed since I probably didn't use the ressources.
(But still, inspiration and friendlyness is best !)
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Hello everyone ! ♥ 00-Ygdralia Avatar.png
I am back ! Well, we are sorta...
I am proud to say that everything seems to be going well, although
Daryl started watching a Notflex series and lost almost a full day of work.
As well as some family gatherings and birthdays.
But everything is now back on track.

I'm also here to tell you guys a bit more about the game !
I'm excited !

After somewhat presenting characters Daryl and I had a talk about a way to easily describe
characters. So we settled on a Image file with info on them.

Keep in mind that this will probably take a bit of time, albeit that it is not going to be used in -game. (Only for you guys !)

So with all that said... It doesn't look like we have anything to...

Oh ! Wait ! Here they are !
Daryl gave me some screeshots to share !

I hope you guys enjoy these !
Keep in mind though that Graphics and Stats seen in these screenshots are subject to change.

A little "field" cutscene screenshot !

This is what Daryl calls Half Interiors.
Half Interiors.png

This one is to show "darkened" sprites appearing on characters that are in shadows.
Shade and Forest.png

This is the main menu screen.
Main Menu.png

Here is an exemple of what the "status" screen looks like.
Status Screen.png

And saddly that is all I got for today.

I still have one thing to point out.
Daryl told me that the "promotionnal" side of things is not really what is important.
Sure you guys need to check status on the project but as he said:

The game is already a massive project at least that's what I think.
Being the only dev is very time consuming so, promotion will come when I have the time for it.

In the end what Daryl wants to tell you guys is, don't expect that many updates.
Although we can fully say!


So that is all for today, bye everyone ! ♥
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Jun 4, 2021
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Hey there. :kaohi:
A lot of text to read through but has been worth it.
Sounds like an interesting project and I wish you best of luck as well as the endurance and strength to get it done!


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Oct 30, 2014
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Hey there. :kaohi:
A lot of text to read through but has been worth it.
Sounds like an interesting project and I wish you best of luck as well as the endurance and strength to get it done!
Thank you so much !!!! :kaojoy:
Daryl will be stoked to hear about what you said !

About the whole bunch of text, yeah... We know it's just that making all these assets and also taking the time to actually prepare content for the "promotional" side of things is very time consuming :/
Yet I'm extremely happy you took the time to read it all :kaopride:

It will be great training for the actual game since it has "a lot" of text :kaophew:
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Oct 30, 2014
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Ygdralia Cooking.png
Halloween Bust.png
How are you all doing ?:kaoluv:
Spooky season is here ! Well normally we celebrate the spooky season on the last week of october.
Well, we are a bit early but, who cares? :p
So the Avatar as been updated for the occasion !

Just as a little update, I wanted to let you guys know that our
[Classified] as been updated with rewards !
I have been working on some extra content for all you guys !
Yes my own content :kaopride:
These are specifically for people who support us, yet some content will be for everyone !

Darly also told me to let you guys know that he is fine and work is still going strong. :kaojoy:
Sora coming to Smash actually took him off of the computer for a bit...
But he's back at it !
Working on Facesets and other HUD Elements at the moment I think.

Well that's it for now, have fun scaring everybody, as long as it is in the good spirits of Halloween !


Sep 23, 2019
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Not sure if I should talk do Daryl or Ygdralia ;) In the end it's both of you who did an amazing work here anyway. Like ElCheffe said, it's a lot to read, but in this case this is a pro since I enjoyed every sentence xD Hope your game will match that feeling. I'd say "the end of the year can't come soon enough", if I wouldn't have to meet a deadline myself^^


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Oct 30, 2014
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Not sure if I should talk do Daryl or Ygdralia ;) In the end it's both of you who did an amazing work here anyway. Like ElCheffe said, it's a lot to read, but in this case this is a pro since I enjoyed every sentence xD Hope your game will match that feeling. I'd say "the end of the year can't come soon enough", if I wouldn't have to meet a deadline myself^^
You can indeed adress yourself to either of us. :kaopride:
Daryl just said:

"I enjoyed every sentence"
Dude, you don't know how much that means to me.
I always wanted to write a book at first, but I really don't know how to actually write a book.
You know the "rules" and type of writing. Like the way dialogue work for exemple.
It has never been my thing.
So making a game was just putting my favorite thing into the mix.
I think that putting things into perspective and making the actual characters talk is the best way to convey
a universe/world. And a game adds the aspect of actually participating.
Thank you so much !!!
This just gave me a boost of positivity ! :rock-left:
Good luck on you project, it looks very promising !
I mean choice based? You must be a man of pure patience. ;)

Also I'd like to point out that your game looks rad! Good luck to you too ! ♥ :kaojoy:

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