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    So, I made a few specific sprite icons for my game, and I thought I'd share them with others, so others who maybe need those icons for their games can use them. Basically, they are just icons for the icon sheet, like the little weapon icons, potion icons, etc. To put them in your icon sheet, basically export your the iconsheet.png and using Gimp (I recommend this because it's a free graphical editor program and the one I used) or any other graphical editing program, e.g Paint, Photoshop, etc, and put in the icons. Make sure you line em up with the others properly so they'll show up properly in the game. (In Gimp, you can do this by setting View:Grid and setting up the Grid to have Height and Width 25 by 25 and then just putting the layer inside the little squares.)

    Anyway, I hope to upload more sprite art in the future, thanks to learning how to make sprite art with this great tutorial video by Neil Campbell on Youtube. 

    The icons are a little plush Dog doll, a little plush Snake doll, a little plush Bat doll, Dark Chocolate, White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, and a Callalily. Oh, and a cup of Coffee.


    Calla Lily.png

    Coffee Cup.png





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