Dec 13, 2015
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Hi again people!


First things first: sorry if i'm abusing of JS plugin requests; I'm have little programming knowledge (it isn't my area), and know almost zero in JavaScript, so i think the best thing i would do is throwing some random requests in form of ideas to people wanting to code but wonder WHAT to do; And, if the coder wants, to learn JS programming analyzing the source of the plugins requested.


Second, my request below is a little different from the current systems. But if isn't different enough to deserve a topic, i'm truly sorry, and ignore that.


Well, i'm back here after requesting a Chrono Trigger-like system containing battle and some character enhancement requested as addons. I was thinking specifically about the multi-frame / diagonal character addons, and how different and simple from the current plugins it can be.

After tried to make some Minecraft Resource Pack, i think the Minecraftian way to store such special effects in textures could be better to organize and give more freedom for the dev to code.


So, my request today is: A muti-frame/diagonal system using a Minecraft resource pack annotation similar style.


First, here's the link for the Resource Pack system. Right at the animation section, which i think is pertinent to this req;

Basically, in the resource packs (zip files or folders containing texture or sound replacements for the game), we could have still or animated textures. The animated textures (eg. lava and water) have alongside the (for example) water.png a water.mcmeta file; it's basically a json file containing the options to how the game need to handle the texture file.

Back to the request, i imagine a similar system to be implemented in a diagonal/multi system, using this technical tips:


  • The filename0.png should be the the standard walking animation;
  • The filename1.png should address the idle pose (OR using the same sheet of filename0 with a rule, see below);
  • filename2.png (optional) should address diagonal movement; if missing the filename0 is used;

Then, each files above should contain a companion .json file (so, filename0.json, filename1.json and filename2.json) which describes the following attributes:

  • Representing, like a table, the number of columns and rows containing characters (optional); it basically will overwrite the standard "$" system and could make you have more or less characters per sheet; missing this value the plugin will default back to $ system to determine if is a single or multiple sheet;
  • The number of frames for each character (or whole if a single sheet) (if missing, 3);
  • Optional, if using the filename0 instead of a separated filename1 for idle poses: A rule determining which column should contain the idle pose, and the animation pattern of the sheet (eg. the default pattern is 1-2-3-4-5, but i want the frame 1 is the idle and the walking animation is 2-5-3-4);

So, the dev must choose the filename0 to apply the system to given player/event; if the filename doesn't contain "0" as the last character it will default to the standard 3 frames system, and obeying the $ or not for a single or multiple character sheet.



I don't know if overwrite the $ convention is possible within the RMMV engine; if not, forget about it.



Anyway, thanks in advance!

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