A List of Tutorials for Beginners

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    A list of RPG Maker VX Ace Lite and VX Ace Tutorials for Beginners

    Excellent Overview of Starting out with RPG Maker

    A Starting Point for New Users by Andar


    Simple Village Mapping Tut, by Dezz

    Mapping in Five Easy Steps, by Indrah

    Ground Levels on Maps, by Musashi

    Intro to shift-click mapping, by BigEd781

    Shift-click mapping, further explained, by seita

    Exterior Map Roofing Explanation by Andar

    see also - mapping tutorials in the official tuts, listed below

    EVENTING TUTORIALS - through switch use only - no variables in use

    GrandmaDeb’s The Ten Easiest Things You Can Do with Events

    GrandmaDeb’s Conditions, Triggers and Event Pages

    see also Event Triggers Part 1 and 2 in Official Tuts below

    GrandmaDeb’s Switches Demo

    Grandma's Tut to Fix Ace Lite BattleBack Problems on Sample maps

    Fog Pictures Eventing, by Encrypted Knight Advanced beginner level

    How to pause after showing a picture, by Lunarea

    EVENTING TUTORIALS - including variables

    Switches and Variables, by Despain (almost all about switches)

    Switches and Variables part 2, by Despain

    Celianna’s Variables Guide

    Switch Puzzle using variable counter, self and global switches, by DBChest

    Push Boulder on switch puzzle, by Bird Eater

    Simpler version of boulder movement with “cannot move” message, by Galv

    Application of x/y coordinates to mapping issues, by Kryterion

    Event for controlling lights on map, by Shaddow (uses variables, switches, autorun, parallel process, conditional branches)

    Interesting Zelda Style puzzle event, by OldMan - advanced

    see game and story design tuts in the official tuts, listed below

    Terrain Tag applications
    Using damage floors to affect skill levels

    ceiling tile and ground tile discussions to be added

    Link to main page
    These tutorials give an overview of game function, excellent advice on game production, a great start on a first project and bring depth of understanding to those wanting to use RPG Maker VX Ace.
    Frequently Asked Questions for VX on this site - many questions will apply to Ace
    FAQ topic

    Please do not repost or reproduce GrandmaDeb’s lists. Thank you for this courtesy.
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    I split this off as a non-maker specific tutorial as it feels right that way :)
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    Was gonna do more, but I am tired, so here is all I can add for now - a short list of Ace Tuts:

    Updated 08 09 13

    *******List rewritten - see below*************
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    You updated this just on time for me to notice it! Thanks a ton Granny, this saves me a lot of sorting and searching!
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    Working on a List of Tuts. Generally speaking I am trying to list them in order of
    difficulty, and to offer a broad base of tuts. Categories are not firm yet. Cheers!

    Here we have collected the tutorials posted for RPG Maker VX/Ace from this site. Right now it includes five out of the
    seven pages of tuts. My intent is to include enough tutorials that a reasonable person would be able to have all of their
    basic questions answered, so I have also included some of the tuts from the Non-Maker Specific Tutorial list.
    Eventually I will pare the list down, removing tuts that are less clear, or have topics which are well covered in other
    listed tuts. Please do not be offended if your tutorial is eventually removed. I will probably end up removing some of
    the ones I wrote myself. =]

    My goal is to serve the game maker who comes here wanting to learn. They may be looking for a few ideas about
    something to include in their game that is at about the next level up in their skills. They may want to find inspiration for
    new capabilities which are well within their reach, but would otherwise not occurred to them. I know I have
    had my eyes opened a few times as I have read through these tuts. There are a lot of great ideas out there! =]

    So hopefully, these tutorials are roughly in an order that starts with early capabilities and grows as the list progresses.
    Obviously, keeping things in categories requires a loose hand in the order. Eventing is not well sorted yet.

    Please PM me about broken links and misspelled names.
    Please PM authors about missing images and other tut-related problems.

    Introduction to RPG Maker

    A Starting Point for New Users, by Andar
    How to install and begin using RPG Maker VX/Ace, Firen
    About First Projects, by Dark Gaia

    Earliest Skills/Game Mechanics

    Making a Demo File and Uploading it, by ShinGamix
    Tileset Importing Guide
    Releasing Ace Games without RTP files, by Mister Big T

    The whole banana.... Beginner's Guides

    Let's make a game, by Soulpour777
    Beginner's Guide to RPG Maker VX/Ace, by Kelsper
    Beginner Tutorial Video Series, by Tommy Gun
    Ace Basics Video Tutorials, by Skimoman
    Overview of Event Commands, by Yanomry


    Mapping in Five Easy Steps, by Indrah
    Mastering the Tile Editor (with Shift Clicking) by BidEd781
    ShiftClick Mapping, by Seita
    Luchi-Chan's Mapping Commandments, by Luchino
    Mapping Tips, by Ocean's Dream
    How to make a simple village map
    Very Easy Improved Water, by BustedEd
    Dark Forests and Jungles, by CrayDragon
    Discussion of Proper use of Water Tiles
    Better Looking Water Tiles, by Felix Trapper
    How to use Mack Roof Tiles, by Candasis
    Application of x/y coordinates to mapping issues, by Kryterion
    RMVX/Ace Tips and Tricks, by Archeia
    A discussion of ceiling tiles

    Basics and Introduction
    Ten easy things to do with Events, by GrandmaDeb
    Map Transfer in Regions with a single event, by VideoWizard
    Ace Switches Demo, by GrandmaDeb
    Event Triggers Blog Post Part 1
    Event Triggers Blog Post Part 2
    Conditions, Triggers and Event Pages, by GrandmaDeb
    Various Applications
    A Beginner's Guide to Cut-Scenes, by Voxgizer
    Simple On-Map Enemy Encounters, by ReconVirus
    User input of Password, by Dagny
    Boulder Pushing Event tutorial - “Big Toby’s Video Tutorials”
    Fog Pictures Eventing, by Encrypted Knight
    How to pause after showing a picture, by Lunarea
    Direction Based Line of Sights Events, by the Infamous Bon Bon
    Warp Whistle (navigate map with cursor,) by Sacarious
    Animated Power Bar and Button Masher, by TitanHex
    How to make a Sokoban Puzzle, by Shaz
    Make a Harvest Moon Game, by DoNgocNhan
    Moveable Selector Box, by TitanHex
    Fishing System, by TitanHex
    Multiple Battle Backgrounds per Map, by Immortal Dreams
    Audible Footsteps, with resources, by Aceri
    Create a Falling Pit with Region IDs, by Dagny
    Common Events, for experienced users, by Zeriab

    Events using Variables
    Basics and Introduction
    Switches and Variables Part 1, by Dagny
    Switches and Variables Infographic, by Dagny
    Using Map Coordinates Part One, by Dagny
    Variables Guide (for beginners,) by Celianna
    Switches and Variables, part 2, by Dagny
    Eventing Tutorials, VIDEO by Soulpour777
    Application - Puzzles - Boulder Pushing and Other Puzzles
    Using Map Coordinates, Part Two, by Dagny
    Push Boulder on switch puzzle, by Bird Eater
    Boulder Pushing puzzle and Treasure Chest 'splain, Video by Big Toby
    Pushable and Pullable Objects, by Galenmeteth
    Lost Forest Tutorial, by Kuvo
    Timed Sorting Game, by Paddy (aka NO!)**missing images**
    Application - Game Systems
    Simple Karma/Morality Syatem Video Tut, by Tommy Gun
    Hunger and Thirst System, by TitanHex
    Banking System, by Adonikam
    Gardening System, by RzrBladeMontage
    Evented Time System, by Acetonide
    Uber Time System, by Yanomry
    Achemy Level System, by Bob Saget
    Various Applications
    Number Displayer, by TitanHex
    Animate a Picture, by TitanHex
    Picture Menu, by TitanHex
    Custom Events Menu, by TitanHex
    Furniture Selector, by TitanHex
    Make a Working Elevator, by Besus
    Map Location Display System, by Soulpour
    Create a MiniMap without Using Scripts, by ReconVirus
    Allow User to Select Actor's Class, by Bob Saget
    Card Roulette, by TitanHex
    Player Character Choice, by TitanHex
    Understanding and Using Indexes, by TitanHex
    Intermediate/Advanced Game Variables, by Seita
    Interesting-eventing-points, by Zeriab
    How to use Key Items, by Tommy Gun
    Data Backup Event System 2, by Pk8
    On-Map Enemy encounter system, by Adon
    Make a 3 location Teleport, by Mike_your_bro
    Wait until Button Input, by pk8
    Using Terrain Tags, by Reat

    Eventing Systems involving Script Event Commands, Scriptlets, or Scripts

    Event Chase within Range, by LilCoolDude69, with event script calls
    Puzzle which lights lamps, by the Infamous Bob Bon with event script calls (optional: use KALE and Yanfly's BCE)
    Custom Transition/Screen Wipe, by Neon Black
    Remove Save Option from Menu, by ReconVirus with script line deletion
    Field Skills/Skill Selection, by TitanHex with scriptlet
    On Screen HUD Meter Video Tutorial, by Tommy Gun, which uses scripts, but does not require them
    Disable Dash 2, by PK8
    Grappling Hook, by TitahHex
    Mirror Puzzle Demo, by Bird Eater, using scripts
    Guild System, by Oriceles, using scripts

    Graphics for RPG Maker

    Guide to Simple Tileset Edits, by Indrah
    Make a Snow Covered Tile, translated
    Make a Diagonally faceing Sprite, translated
    A discussion of A2 ground tiles
    Template with indicators for Sprite movement,by JohhnyOmaha
    Using the Mack Character Generator, by Chorros
    Use Particle Illusion to make Animations, by Timmah

    Script Usage and Application Tuts

    Easy Tile Swapping, by Tsukihime
    Using the Party-Based Script to change face graphics to coordinate with selected actor graphics, by Tsukihime
    Using Drop Item Sets to control Enemy Drops, by Tsukihime
    Using Scroll Rates to Simulate Depth Perception, using Overlay Maps, by Tsukihime
    Using Bit Switches, by Tsikihume
    How to Absorb Elemental Damage, using negative numbers via Feature Manager, by Tsukihime
    Animated Windows, by Tsukihime
    Create Skills that only affect certain enemies, using Tag Manager, by Tsukihime
    Key Item-triggered Events, using Event Trigger Labels, by Tsukihime
    Keep Track of User and Target of a Skill or Item,using Common Event Variables, by Tsukihime
    Items and Skills Time Cooldowns,using Victor Engine Basic Module and Action Conditions by Victor Sant
    Element Shifting Bosses, using Victor Engine Element States, Enemy Attack Conditions, & (optional) Yanfly Element Absorb by McTricky

    Scripting Helps

    Autotile IDs, by Pk8
    Script Call Equivalents of Events, by Archeia
    Notetagging, by Fomar0153
    Anatomy of Windows (scripting,) by Fomar0153
    Evaluating Script Incompatibility, by Tsukihime
    How to Disable Scripts, by Tsukihime


    How to make the most of Custom Formulae, by Fomar0153
    How to make the most of Custom Formulae, Part Two, by Fomar0153
    Skill Ideas for Custom Formula, by Titanhex
    How to make a Custom Battle Scene with Forced Inputs, by RyokuHasu
    Ace Damage Flow Infographic, by Archeia
    Get Around Dual Wield glitch, by ThreadGillpr
    Use Battle Events to steal from Enemy, by Dagny
    Customize Skills without scripts, by Andar
    Custom Attack and Defense Skills for each actor, by Meridianbot with scriptlets
    Add Autostates with Battle Events, by CWells
    Learning Skills based on Use in Battle, by Immortal Dreams
    Real Time Combat Tutorial, by Shad
    Using Battler Transformations for Animation Sequences, by Tsukihime, using scripts
    Clone Enemies in Troop without scripts, by CWells
    Simple Level Scaling without Scripts, by Lohenien

    Battle Systems

    Guide to Yami's 'Battle Symphony,' by Macatlas
    Fate/Extra Evented Battle Systems, by bodibastos

    Generator and Resource/Database Management

    How to add files to Ace's Generator, by Lunara
    Formatting Sprite Graphics, Importing Video Tut, by Tommy Gun
    Manage Resource Subfolders using Hard links, by Tsukihime

    Creator Tools

    Improving the Event System, by Tsikihime
    Tile Labelling Reference, by Archeia
    Create a Collision Map, by Tsukihime

    Audio for RPG Maker

    How to use Audacity to make BGM Loops, by Shu

    Game Design and Development

    Beginner's Guide to creating an RPG Story, by Koopa
    Mini-Games Discussion, by TrogButtz
    Puzzle Design 1, by Dagny
    Puzzle Design 2, by Dagny
    Making Memorable NPCs, by Dagny
    Writing an RPG - what not to do, by Sander
    Organizing your Developing Story, by Holder
    Dungeons, by Dagny
    Battle Encounters, by Lowell

    Special Implementations

    Install RPG Maker in Ubuntu, by Peltron

    Link to main page
    These tutorials give an overview of game function, excellent advice on game production, a great start on a first project and bring depth of understanding to those wanting to use RPG Maker VX Ace.

    Make Your Own Game series

    tut 1 overview of program structure
    tut 2 intro to mapping
    tut 3 creating characters
    tut. 3.5 script use and notetags
    tut 4 equip, items features
    tut 5 other types of maps
    tut 6 creating encounters part 1
    tut 7 creating encounters part 2
    tut 8 events part 1

    Event Triggers Part 1
    Event Triggers Part 2

    Blog post on types of Puzzles

    On Mapping and Resources

    Lunarea's Map Planning

    Lunarea's Inner Town Mapping

    see Make Your Own Game Series Tut 2 and Tut 5 above for more on mapping

    Tileset Importing Guide

    anatomy of an autotile - Understanding Resource Specs

    animation database edits

    Ace Mapping Features

    Map Planning written for VX but has good thoughts for Ace

    Resource Development
    Creating Tiles by Lunarea, parts 1, 2, and 3

    Game Mechanics and Design

    Game Design Development Document to use in Excel available for instant download (for new or older versions of Excel) available on main tutorial page

    story design
    story design 2

    Tuts from Other Sites
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    Thanks for the resource dump :-D
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    Since this thread is pointed to, a lot, and I've read it's not a necropost if you're posting in tutorials that I would go ahead and post the references that have broken links, and ones that, while the links aren't broken, no longer provide access to resources.

    Simple cave mapping, by RyanA

    Penta’s Advanced Mapping tips

    Celianna’s Variables Guide

    Overview of Event Commands, by Yanomry
    The link to this works, but his files are no longer available to download
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    A bit more and I will want you in my friend list just to use your siggy to learn new tutorials! TYVM!
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    The only problem I have with this list is that lack of Lite specific tutorials (like how to do properly things with the restrictions inherent)
    Otherwise I'm super thankful for this!
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