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Apr 13, 2012
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Disclaimer: As per subforum rules, this game contains elements of gender identity (which is sometimes held as political), and mild references to sex and religion. Player discretion is advised.

Setting out as an adult into a new village, Raziya the lioness was different from those of the humble settlement. For one, she wasn't human. For another, she was a trained martial artist with mystical powers.

And yet another, she was transgender.

Saving up to afford a more permanent residence in the village of Dawn's Light, Raziya kept her head down and did her day-to-day work. She helped out at the inn she was staying at, and brewed potions for the owner of the local general store. Despite this, she kept to herself most of the time. Until one day...

"A Maned Lioness" is the start of something I've been holding off on doing for a long time -- telling stories revolving around Raziya, a character I've created years back. While she's evolved alongside me, my anxiety and doubts have prevented me from giving her a starring role for others to witness.

That is, until a RMN user named Zorga egged me on to take place in an event on RPG Maker Network, known as "A Rainbow of Positivity". Thus I figured it was due time to share this character with others outside of lesser-known niches.

Guide Raziya's hand as she fights through a fateful chain of events in her new life in Dawn's Light.

  • The short-but-sweet playtime you'd expect from me thus far, clocking in at ~25 minutes
  • A narrative-driven focus to the gameplay, interacting with the villagers as well as witnessing Raziya's inner monologues
  • Actually being able to interact with most objects for lines of narration
  • Some dialogue changing based on what you have and haven't done at certain points of the game
  • With any luck, an LGBT-positive vibe and experience
Download Link
Copy-and-pasted from its game page on RMN: A Maned Lioness
If it had an ESRB rating, probably "Teen" but pushing it due to themes and harsh language near the climax.

Asset Credits

Khloe the innkeeper, chill as can be

Raziya contemplates booze, and demonstrates the ability to interact with most objects in-game

Not quite the birds and the bees

Something to be said about a child's point of view

Due to the solo gameplay, Raziya's defend command also heals HP and MP

What I'm Looking For
As the game's been out a while on RMN, I'm posting this here for a few reasons: a) to share something that I completed something with RPG Maker Web, b) to spread interest in my works, c) to motivate myself into my next project and d) to ask for critique. I feel I know some things I wanna polish for this upcoming project, but I might've missed something between the review and Let's Play on RMN.
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