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    I've started to work on the mechanics for a game. It's set in the extreme far future, where only those who have cheated death resides. The endgame is to find and end death itself - before it finds you. On the way down the dungeon you dive deeper and deeper into insanity and become more and more of what you escape and set out to end. I wanted to push what an RPG Maker game can be so there's a lot of systems I've had to rework. For now, I just wanted to share what I've done so far, what mechanics I plan to do and to see if I can get any reactions. :kaoblush:

    What's there so far:
    • Touch support, with no on-screen buttons. A single click on the character equals OK, a double-click opens the inventory.
    • Event interaction depends on which item you hold. So you can put a potion down a well, or give a boulder a slice of bread.
    • Inventory has a max capacity of 12 items. But you can drop items and they appear on the map. Resource management shenanigans.
    • A non human experience. Humans does not exist anymore, there are other animals and entities but no humans.
    • Classic roguelike top-down view. A wall is always 1 square high.
    • Spawned lamps only activate when you find them, as to not ruin fog of war.
    • Mana auto-generates over time, health doesn't, hunger degenerates.
    • Proper time only moves when the player does, but when in battle you auto-fight in a semi real time kind of way.
    • The enemy you fight displays an approximation of its health in a bar above its head.
    What's next:
    • The first hit you make always a crit, motivating you to move between multiple enemies, adding a sort of activeness to the system.
    • Enemies might drop more than just their corpse, such as items.
    • A non-monetary economy based on trading. There will be coin bags as tradeables but an item's value depend on the NPC you trade with.
    • Dungeons are randomized with chunk-based architecture and random events. There will be types of dungeons and different biomes. There will be paths to the other biomes. Different dungeon levels have different set of biomes.
    • Each dungeon level has only so much food and so many health refills, pushing you to find the next level.
    • No player levels. Stats are upgraded by the character finding and reading books.
    • The effect of potions and many other type of items randomize each game, so you will have to identify them in some manner.
    • Permadeath, once you die a new game begins. A single extra life can be aquired to a very high price.
    • Curses and blessings. Curses can be debuffs such as sickness or a trading ban, blessings means good things. Curses can be rid of and blessings can be gained by performing sidequests.
    • No unfair randomness, no sudden dying because of a bad roll. The player should feel in control over their fate.
    • The feeling of being lost in forest, in the mouth of darkness.

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