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Storm crow descending, Winter unending.
Sep 7, 2018
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Some maudlin-ass free verse poetry said:
She did nothing wrong
except for never
being born (as such)
and even that wasn't
her fault.

The world hurts.
You can let the pain define you
and render yourself in scar tissue
and resentment: be the sum of your scars
(nothing more
nothing less)
Instead, she met the world's cruelty with kindness
when able, with absurdity, when not, with self-impos'd
oblivion when sorely pressed.

She knew
that if you fight fire with fire long enough
then the whole world burns.
Hers was
a different kind of strength, which I envy.

If I could die
to bring her back
I wouldn't hesitate
for a second.
She didn't hate anyone. Not anyone.
To me, that's miraculous. Nothing as gaudy and glistening as love;
something as quiet and fragile as the absence of hate.
I often say I hate everyone
(and I'm only exaggerating slightly.)

I could have learned a lot from her
About how to be a better me
If I had only paid more attention.
If I had only paid more attention.
If I had only paid more attention.
If I had only
I don't usually poetry. I know this piece (untitled) is more cathartic than it is well written. Two of my uncles are in the hospital, one of them is looking really bad, like he might not make it, my mom has pneumonia, and that's only about half of the reasons I'm a freaking emotional wreck. Catharsis was necessary. I hope this helped.

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