RMMZ A really short story: I miss you - [One map challenge]


Sep 21, 2018
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I miss you is a short story driven game inspired of and made for the one map challenge with the new RPG Maker MZ. There aren't great mechanics but a hard focus on music and script writting. It takes aproximately twenty minutes to complete it, time in which you can get delighted by the awesome music composed by Patrick de Arteaga while you play as an old man with alzheimer waking up asking to himself where he is. During the game you will help him to remember the people he loves, including his beloved wife who's sleeping next to him.


Challenge statistics:
Engined used: RPG Maker MZ
Maps: 1
Events: 10
Switches: 9 (I do not count local switches, there are 12 of them)
Variables: 3

Download link:

I've been working in many other games back with RPG Maker XP and MV, but even if I made great games with a long duration I've never been able to finish a single one. That's why I wrote this for the one map challenge, and maybe next one will be better with a few maps. And hopefully a great game will come in the future full of good ideas, script, plugins and so on.

I'm spanish, so I'll translate it to my language in a few days. Also thanks to girlhurl in freesound for her voice lines, I really needed those lines with native accent and her sounds saved me. Should I mention again this awesome music was composed by Patrick de Arteaga? Yes, he's amazing.

Thank you for taking the time to play it, and I'll apreciate any comments.
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