A recolor of a slot machine.

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    Hello guys,

    I suck pretty bad at artwork so I'm wondering if anybody can help me here.

    I've created a slot machine system for my game but the slot machine vector graphic I have is modern looking and it just doesn't; fit my games theme (I realize a slot machine in a fantasy game is pushing it lol). I was hoping to get a hand in recoloring/texturing this:

    My attempt: I lack the imagination to finish it I'm not sure what to add to make it look cool lol

    Here's the outline/I did the best I could with this lol. I'm using GIMP but I came up on Photoshop so I struggle to find my way around it!

    Note: I need the 3 black section to remain relatively untouched but maybe an outline around them to make them look smart.

    If anybody is willing to give me a hand I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm going for a rustic/sort of "steampunkish" look either a coppery/gold colour or different shades of wood and metal rivets (Its a slot machine powered by magic in the game lol)

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