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Hello, RMW family!

I want to send everyone a little reminder that Project Recruitments and Resource Workshops are for free work only.

The Classifieds section is, and will remain, the only reliable way to accept and offer paid works on this platform. Classifieds are invisible for new members, and will become available once you've made a reasonable number of quality posts.

If you are being offered monetary compensation, be wary if it does not originate from the Classifieds section. When I am needed to assist in solving disputes, my reach is extremely limited if your agreement has been made improperly over a status feed message or a Project Recruitment thread. We have the Classifieds section and the rules inside it as your first line of protection from faulty agreements!

To get the best possible outcomes for paid work on this forum--

  1. Use only the Classifieds section! Project Recruitment and Resource Workshops are for FREE work.

  2. Communicate only via our PM system. These are the only communications I can consider for review.

  3. Revenue sharing and all other forms of future or non-cash payments are not permissible. I do not approve these offers, but if you are offered one privately I will not be able to help you obtain those payments. Their fickle nature is why we only approve upfront compensation. Any additional compensation agreements are made at your own risk.
  4. Scrutinize your written agreements thoroughly. A vague contract is just as damaging as a plain bad deal. Look for language that details what, how, and when you will be paid. Also look for language that details what happens in the event the project fails to be completed or if you are let go from the project. This may not be as huge a concern for one-time commissions, but if you are brought on long-term you need to know where you stand and if it is something you want to agree to. Having it in writing is your best protection and the most sure-fire way to solve a dispute.
This is the dispute mediation process for the Classifieds section, but I must urge one more time that I may not be able to assist if your agreement was not made in the Classifieds section.

If it is found out you are covertly offering or accepting payment through an unpaid section of the forum, moderator actions may be taken depending on the circumstances. PLEASE use the Classifieds section.
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