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Apr 16, 2012
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Meet Sunny,
official mascot and tour guide of this game. Now Sunny isn't his real name, and this isn't what he really looks like This is just an artist rendering (a really bad artist, me) of what he looks like, and I call him Sunny because.. Well, it's easier than his real name (in other words I'm horrible at naming so I didn't give him one yet). Please follow him as he guides you through the features of this game (via screenshots).

Also, please excuse the horrible name of this thread, but I really can't come up with a name that suits this game.


This is the link for the second release.. To be honest if not for the deadline this game would never of seen the light of day in its current state. What was submitted for the contest was the first release which has some differences.. I could probably post a link for that too if people would like, but I doubt anyone is really interested.

Encrypted, NO RTP http://www.mediafire...0bh4ojadtx5uryv


I won't tell you about the characters, because besides yourself there really isn't anyone of note at this time. There's your friend, who makes no actual appearance right now, and a yet to be named CPU opponent who you may go up against.. There's also a little unnamed girl selling ice cream an a family member who also makes no actual appearance at this time.

If you feel as if they deserve a short bio at this time I'll be happy to indulge you upon request.

This game all takes place in a realistic world parallel to our own. It could very well pass for our world if not for small differences which would have to set this game in our future, but I digress.. Let's just say it's a parallel world similar to our own. The time doesn't really matter, but I guess it'd be similar to modern times in our own world, but as I said perhaps a little down the future..

Let's face it, this is really all you care about. Let's go to Sunny now, who's already out in the field.Sun Run (actually it goes by many names, as I'm horrible at naming things):


Here we see Sunny as he treks across the blazing hot city. Obviously it doesn't actually affect him, but it will affect you.

Beach Pong Basic


Sunny as he battles his nameless foe in a buggy game of what is essentially pong, Beach Volleyball.

Beach Pong Advanced


In this more advanced version of Beach Pong we see Sunny as he stares down the foe.



Here we see Sunny with the Cursor. Although when you actually play you will become the Cursor, but Sunny is special.

Fun House Flr-01


Here Sunny waits as the boulders pass by before advancing.

Fun House Flr-02


Sunny appears to be solving the puzzles of this floor, but in truth he's just playing with the lights for the camera.

Fun House Flr-03


Here Sunny is using the doors to avoid boulders, while lighting up the floor.

I suggest you view some of the files I include in this game, as it's really far from complete. You can see my reasoning (excuses) in the text files also.

Granted, the Changelog/Known Bugs file is outdated.. But having lost power again while I was working I lost my file where I was noting all the things I changed. I'll go through and look for all of them if I have time to make another release, but there's other things I have to do, and other projects which I put on hold for this (and the Quest for Fun contest).


Software-RPG Maker VX Ace

Photoshop 10

Gimp (Okay, you're not that bad.. But you still bug me... Not nearly intuitive enough.)

Microsoft Paint (I mostly used this actually, and only Photoshop to layer and work with transparencies.)


Enterbrain (RMVXA Graphics)

Lunarea & Celianna (Modern Day Tile Sample)

Thank you

Lunarea and RPG Maker Forum staff for taking the time to host this event (I think)

Lunarea and Celianna for all the wonderful graphics you create

Judges (Touchfuzzy, Frieza and Lunarea), for taking the time to play, test, and critique the entries
Missing/Future Updates:

-Achievements (I have the system in place but haven't had time to design the badges, sorry)-Story Modes (Again, I have the system, but haven't had time to map & event the cut-scenes)

-Open Maps (but perhaps not, I had a few maps planned that you could explore, but I'd have to make a lot of tiles for those and like I said, I'm a horrible artist.. In fact I don't consider myself one at all.)

-Improved graphics (again perhaps not, but probably more likely than open maps right now; it wouldn't be that much better though, but Ralph really needs a new wardrobe)

+Title Image

+Title (& name for the game)

+Changes to character design (or their clothes at least)

+Hidden Characters (I've been meaning to make an official tour guide to my games and my own character but haven't had the time)

-One last mini-game (I had an idea I wanted to include but I just didn't have the time to test it out to the point where I could include a buggy version even for you to try. I apologize. u.u'')

-Music! And other sound effects.. (Yes, this comes last imo.. It's important to a lot of people but I could do without honestly)

Encrypted, NO RTP http://www.mediafire...0bh4ojadtx5uryv

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