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Jun 2, 2014
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The title is purposefully a bit vague, because there are a number of potential solutions, but here is my problem:

I'm currently using Yanfly's FTB battle script, which allows you to freely scroll left-and-right through your party members entering commands in any order. I use this to simulate a hand in a card game, where each actor is a card slot. Now, with the way the FTB system is set up by default, you end your turn by scrolling all the way to the right, past the last actor, and selecting "end turn" from the menu that pops up. This is a bit clunky, and I'm hoping for an alternative, more fluid way to manually end the player's turn. Right now the player's space looks something like this:

[Party Commands] <-> [Card] <-> [Card] <-> [Card] <-> [Card] <-> [Card] <-> [Card] <-> [End Turn Confirmation Prompt]

I'm as much open to ideas as actual scripts, and can go into more detail if needed. The best idea I can come up with, though I can't do it on my own, is to tweak Yanfly's battle scripts to summon the confirmation prompt instead of the Party Commands menu when you scroll left, thus putting it in easy reach from either end of the party.

Thanks. :kaohi:


I found a solution in one of Yanfly's scripts. Yanfly's Battle Command List allows you to add scripted methods to the party command list, and it turns out that :command_execute will end the turn as I'd hoped. With a little tweaking I got it to look how I wanted. The thread can be considered closed, now.
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