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Apr 19, 2012
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Hey all! I posted a thread in the resource requests section months ago asking for a celtic lattice border for my windowskin for my rpg, The Lost Memoirs. One person offered to help if no one else did, but I have yet to hear back from them months later. So, I took it upon myself to make one! While the background texture of the windowskin was made by sheano on deviantart for rpg maker vx, I managed to resize it, and the rest of the image was made by me! I take no credit for the left half of the windowskin. All credit for that part goes to sheano, on deviantart.com. But The rest of the image, I made myself. I genuinely hope you like it! As for the terms of use, I'd say non commercial use is free. And credit goes to sheano and me.

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