About banana peels and the strings of fate


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May 24, 2020
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I mean, probably you don't know, but for some reason one day in the USA banana became the most common snack around. Really. Very very common. No one cared for banana before then banana everywhere. But people had the bad habit to leave peels around.
Now, probably it never happened to you, but the combo of banana peel and asphalt is really the most slippery thing in the world. I know 'cause I slipped on the single banana peel left in the universe the day I dated a girl I liked very much. In front of her.
Very silly. What can go wrong? You slip on a banana peel. Tragicomical.
One single banana peel in the middle of nothing - I swear it was the most out of context banana peel you can meet.

Anyway, back to subject: such old invasion of banana peels was very tragical, Chicago sidewalks crammed of gentleman and ladies with broken knees. "Ya dastard banana!"
Worried by this dangerous situation, savvy administrators (figure out their debate...) enacted a law that forbid eating bananas in public, to avoid the incredible number of injuries that banana caused to americans.
Now that law is no more, so you can eat banana by the road. But road bananas are scarce nowadays, and banana peel by the road even more. Probably 'cause of that law above, americans and all the free world disaffected of banana.
What a disappointment.

Why this premise?
The date I quoted gone wrong. Totally. But after a while I found the girl herself was like a living banana peel: a dangerous thing you can step on by mistake and get injured.
The moral there is that something that apparently go wrong was instead a lucky strike, like an angel passing by, eating his own banana and breaking the law to have you slip on the road. That way, you're safe.
Ridiculously safe.


No Flying Bird
Feb 24, 2019
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Why this feel so random, yet so interesting, did you know that in some country (can't remember which) its illegal to die? Freaking die. Imagine dying, but a lawyer keeps your soul and takes you to judgement, you lose it for being guilty of dying and get sentenced to three years of jail, all of this while being dead.

You may ask, why do I make mention of such a thing? I dunno, you're the one talking to a bird.
I like bananas.

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