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Dec 12, 2015
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Engine: RPGMaker MV


The game is set on the planet Orionis, on the mega-continent of Calindor. Set in a typical medieval fantasy setting, there the residents of the many towns littering Calindor live in mostly peace, except for the monsters that roam the land and their corruption. Most residents of Calindor believe in the same religion, all centralized under what's known as the Church of Calindor, an organization headed by a High Cardinal and whose religious text is known as the Codex of Ascension. Within the Codex, it is written that the Goddess who created the planet will one day send her child to cleanse the planet of the Fallen, angels defected from her and turned evil, along with the monsters they've created.

This leads into the main story of the game. It follows a girl by the name of Arietta Kathla, though she doesn't want to admit it, she's the savior spoken about in the Codex. Plagued by strange dreams, one night she awakens to a crash only to investigate and find out one of her dreams has come true. An angel by the name of Colette has fallen from the sky just outside Arietta's hometown.

Now its up to Arietta and Colette to recover Colette's lost memories and figure out the real truth behind the beliefs of the Church of Calindor.

  • The game is heavily story-based, set up to have potentially 20+ hours of gameplay.
  • Four factions exist in the game for the player to join: Adventurer's Guild, Church of Calindor, The Fallen, and Knight of Geraria. each come with their own faction-specific storylines and quests. Three of them affect the ending to the game, two of them reward an optional party member by joining, the Adventurer's Guild allows access to an optional dungeon and a job board system. The player will be able to join all of them, none, or any amount they choose.
  • There are also a number of non-faction side-quests.
  • Featuring a Linear Motion Battle System, the game is different from most RPGMaker titles in that the combat isn't turn-based, but rather real-time.
  • See the development thread for more information: Above & Below Project Thread

Positions/Roles Needed: I am looking to turn this from a personal project, to a team-oriented one. I believe this will ultmately help the game in the long-run.

  • Writers (I have a beginning and a potential end in mind, I need someone to help write what all goes in the middle of the story and come up with story & NPC dialogue)
  • Scripter/Programmer/Coder (Someone who is fluent in Javascript and is able to also edit others code in existing plugins)
  • Pixel Artists!!! (Preferably someone/some people who can replicate the game's current style with a custom set, but if you have a style the team enjoys, that would work as well. Also someone who can make battler sprites with multiple frames of animation)
  • Voice Actors (The six player characters will all have voice lines during battle.)
Lesser Needed Roles (But Still Appreciated):

  • Mapper
  • Graphic Designer/GUI Artist
  • Composer

My Roles/Positions: I would be working on writing, mapping, event scripting, skill implementation, and minor programming. I have no substantial talent in art which is why anyone wishing to do pixel art would be immensely appreciated.

Skill Trade: For anyone who assists me in this project, I can offer mapping, event scripting, and game design services. I have been working with RPGMaker titles since 2012 and have also majored in Computer Science and Engineering, with a focus on Videogame Design and Development. For anyone seriously dedicated to the project, I would be open to becoming a permanent team member on any projects you might initiate.


Download Link: The most up to date demo can be downloaded for free off of Steam: Above & Below Steam Page (Needs Updated)


Jan 7, 2020
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Still looking for writers? I’d totally be down to help you in that field. Let me know if you’re still looking!

I can also assist in voice acting. I have experience acting, and I can do a good list of voices.
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