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Jul 10, 2013
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Hey guys and girls! I am having a problem displaying my sprites during a battle sequence.

I am using a handful of scripts from MOG's Ace Master Demo, mainly battle system-wise.

I love the hud and the active time battle that mog's script offers, however I would also like to have my sprites battlesheets displayed in a sideview battle manor.

I have tried to use Jet's, Yami's and Yanfly's but they only give me more trouble with the displays in battle.

I was hoping that Symphony would work out, considering it allows for holders battlers.

Any help is appreciated greatly.

If you need more info from me, just ask and ill get it to you with haste.




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may have found the problem lol......... shame. (>v.v)>

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# - Screen Resolution Size -
# RPG Maker VX Ace has the option of having larger width and height for
# your games. Resizing the width and height will have these changes:
# Default Resized Min Tiles Default Min Tiles New
# Width 544 640 17 20
# Height 416 480 13 15
# * Note: Maximum width is 640 while maximum height is 480.
# Minimum width is 110 while maximum height is 10.
# These are limitations set by RPG Maker VX Ace's engine.
# By selecting resize, all of the default menus will have their windows
# adjusted, but scripts provided by non-Yanfly Engine sources may or may
# not adjust themselves properly.
my game is default resolution..

well that fixed the graphical issue. I couldn't even start the game because the title intro was tiled horizontally because of the extra window space.

Now. New problem..

[IMG][/IMG]Also here is the section of script the error refers to.

  # new method: set_help_window
  def set_help_window
    @help_window.actor_window = @actor_window
    @help_window.enemy_window = @enemy_window

Please close this topic. I have found the perfect solution.

Simple Side-View
by Jet
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