[ACE] No automatic fadein during start of battle? (for battle event purposes)


May 16, 2014
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[Ramble] I would like to create events during battle that reference the current troop members and situation, such as deciding whether or not members participate in a "surprise round" similar to a mixture of the preemptive/suprise encounter system, based on things like an actor's Stealth stat versus an enemy's Sense stat, where all who don't participate are inactive during turn 1. Or having it so that at turn 0, the game decides whether or not an enemy appears or is hidden in battle, or having dialogue at the start of battle while the screen is still black, or having the battle start with a certain screen tint.

Obviously some of this could be achieved with Tsukihime's Random Encounter Events http://himeworks.com/2015/01/random-encounter-events/ but that script references a troop's id and members based on their data in the editor, not, say, where there stats would be at level 13 with a level script included.

After any battle start events, the screen would then be manually faded in and the battle would start.

I know how to make it so that the screen doesn't automatically fadein after battle.

Making this edit for me returned with an unintialized error for start_fadeout

class Spriteset_Battle #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- # * Object Initialization #-------------------------------------------------------------------------- def initialize #my edit-- fadeout at start of battle #-- $game_screen.start_fadeout(15) #-- create_viewports create_battleback1 create_battleback2 create_enemies create_actors create_pictures create_timer update endand all map pictures (such as an all-black image) are removed at the start of battle.

Tints do persist but then also you'd have to always condition for and reset the tints after battle
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