Dec 20, 2012
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I really didn't want to have to do this - start a thread asking for help, that is, but things just aren't happening for me.  The concept is a pretty simple one, but for whatever reason, it's just not happening for me, which is really frustrating.  It's probably pointless for me to say, but I learn best by example, by viewing and being taught.  I've spent a couple hours familiarizing myself with Victor's manual, but it's not helping me.  I understand the core concepts, but the finer details are lost on me.  So here I am.  The character in question is named Ethan.  The animation is called Power Wave.  So I have the character set-up;

'$ethan' => {frames: 4, rows: 14, mirror: true, invert: false,mode: :sprite, action: :ethan},And the animation frames (these are larger width-wise than the regular frames, I have NO IDEA if this affects anything????);

'$ethan_powerwave' => {frames: 4, rows: 3, mirror: true, invert: false,mode: :sprite, action: :ethan},Ethan has his own section for actions, the pose is set-up where actions are defined, and it is linked to the database skill.  No problems here.  However, whenever I substitute the sufix into the code ... nothing.  Nada.  Zip.  It simply uses Ethan's regular attack animation.  The beginnings of the defined action;

# Pose for the skill 'Power Wave'<action: Power Wave, reset>direction: targets;pose: self, sufix_powerwave, row 1, frame 2, wait 4;wait: 4;Can anyone figure out why?  This is obviously just the beginnings of the code, but I've already hit a snag, and I am experiencing other problems, but I figured I'd tackle this one first.  Images are attached.



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