[Ace] Yanfly's Adjust Limits and Class System - Error when switching classes

Discussion in 'RGSSx Script Support' started by Bioteckpunk352, Jun 27, 2012.

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    Okay, here's my problem. When I am using the adjust limits, and the script is placed before the class system as Yanfly's suggested order, I get this error when trying to select a subclass that is of a higher level than 99 after changing the primary class to one of a lower level:

    "Script 'Class System' line 640: NoMethodError occurred.

    Undefined method '*' for nil:NilClass"

    Now, I had read on Yanfly's blog, a fix for it was to put the Adjust Limits after the class system, but when doing that, it won't add in the stats for the subclass to the main class even though i'm not getting the above error anymore. I was just wondering if anyone else had run into this problem, and if they've found a fix for it yet?

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