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Jul 14, 2013
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hello !! i'm looking for a sprite for vxa, preferably in lunarea's style, but anything that meshes well with tilesets like pandamaru, leilaheliday, celianna, etc, would be super great. it doesn't have to be usable for commercial, just noncomm!

Description:  i'm looking for an acoustic guitar sprite that looks good next to the looseleaf/mack sprites (not the default vxa sprites, please!!!)! having one that i could add to my actual sprite would be lovely, but just a laying-around type guitar is great too. i googled around and couldnt find anything. :/

Reference Images: 
 this is how my actual guitar looks, and it would be great if it could look like that, haha

thank you in advance for any help !!


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Jun 24, 2015
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I'll look into what I have (I've scooped up a bunch of the VXAce resources) but I would check out the resources pages. @GrandmaDeb has a list of free resources pages. I've skipped some because I was only looking for my stuff, but they may have some sort of guitars in there. I vaguely remember running across alternate instruments. In fact I can almost guarantee there is actual guitar icons. Anyways, I will check my stuff and let you know if anything turns up.

EDIT: Found this through Grandma Deb's List:

Not sure if that's the artwork type you are looking for but there are a few guitars under Icons. Will keep checking.

EDIT#2: I just realized Icons may be useless to you if you are placing them on maps. Sorry, it's late. You'll want to look through tilesets.
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