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    The Default UI has an option to hide message boxes using the Spacebar, however the Action Based UI doesn't. This tutorial is created to add that function.

    The Tutorial
    • Create a new Common Event with the following properties:
      • Auto
      • Runs Parallel
      • Single Instance
      • Name Local Number Variable #1 to Input Data.
      • Name Local Switch #1 to Message Box Visibility.
    • It should look like this everything is setup just right.
    The code does the following:
    • Set the Message Target to something else so the player won't accidentally click on message which proceeds the game.
    • Check if the player presses Spacebar and stores it to a local switch.
    • A script call that turns the displayed message to transparent.
    • Sets aspects of the messagebox such as the picture options and text to be visible based on the state of the input switch.
    • Add conditional branches to check if the switch is on/off.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Q1.) Why is this not an extension?
    - Because we cannot access the default ID (com.degica.vnm.default). If this were an extension, you will have to manually
    set all variables and switches to the default ID instead. The only way to bypass this is to transform Action Game UI to an
    extension to be able to share IDs.
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