Mar 19, 2015
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Legends LIVE, the biggest streaming event of the century, is finally underway on Action Island. People from all over the world come to fight for fame, glory, and everything in between all for the international audience to see! Tryouts for Legends LIVE are open for everyone. The only qualification for the competition is to have an acceptable capacity for putting on a SHOW! Social Media Influencers, Live Streamers, and the creepy kid that glows in the dark are the kinds of warriors to expect in Legends LIVE. It is a modern competition with extensive ties to the internet age, so most don't apply using their legal names. Participants who qualify enter with colorful tags and handles that the populace would recognize them for. For the competitor tagged "SwordJr.", this arena is perfect for practicing swordsmanship with the perfect mentor in the Art of the Sword: The Embodiment of Swordsmanship himself!

The structure of the Legends LIVE competition is as follows:
Win battles to earn Legendary Credits.
Lose Legendary Credits by losing your battles.
Earn enough Legendary Credits by Saturday to qualify for the Legendary Bracket.
Win the Legendary Bracket to go down in history as a True Legend of Legends LIVE!

Legends LIVE is sure to be a great show; however behind the glitz, glamor, and plaster is there something more sinister looking for a chance to embrace the world of the living?

Unique Features:
  • Compete as the tunnel-visioned youth SwordJr. who enters the fray as a means to practice his sword skills under the tutelage of The Embodiment of Swordsmanship and learn a large variety of sword skills!
  • Become a crowd-pleasing legend by challenging a daily gauntlet of intense Turn-Based Battles against the world's strongest entertainers.
  • Refine your arsenal against your rivals by learning their strengths, weaknesses, and special skills from the exclusive Legends LIVE Trading cards.
  • Use the power of social media to start a beef with your rivals to raise the stakes of the competition.
  • Level up your stats with the supplements you can buy in exchange for your hard-earned Legendary Cred.
  • Hand-drawn Anime-inspired art style

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