Actor Command Option Adder Thing

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    Actor Command Option Adder Thing
    It let's you put more options in that menu that you get after you press fight. Those options activate skills.

    This script can also change the order of the actor commands or remove an actor command.

    This can also change the size of the party command widow, actor command window, and status window.


    • Add buttons that activate skills on the actor command window.
    • Resize the actor command window
    • Resize the status window too.
    • Change the order of actor commands. (attack, guard, magic, item)
    (See the How to Use section for how to do this stuff.)

    Look, they're is 5 rows and the item and guard commands were moved down.
    Look, now they're is 4 rows, and you need to scroll down to see the rest of the options.

    How to Use

    This is a plugin for adding menu options after you press fight that use different skills.
    This can also reorder the attack, item, guard, and magic options.
    == Basic
    Here's how to use it:
    On the menu option names parameter, make a list of each or your custom menu options. For example: specialattack1,specialattack2,happy
    On the Menu Skill Ids parameter, make a list for the id of each skill that each menu option uses. Continuing on from the past example, if you wanted specialattack1 when selected to activate the skill with the id 10, and specialattack2 to activate 3, and happy to activate 7, you would do: 10,3,7
    After you press fight, a certain amount of options will be displayed in a box. That box is the actor command window.
    That box can be made bigger, or you can just make it so you scroll down a list.
    !!! Before doing anything with rows, set the Override Number of Rows parameter to true. !!!
    There are two ways to change the number of rows. Automatic and Manual. Automatic mode will just add enough rows for your new options. Manual mode will do a certain amount.
    With manual mode, if you wanted to have 3 new menu options, but still scroll down the list, you could set the number of rows to 5. Then it would display 5 options, and you would need to scroll down two more spots to see the other two options.
    You can also make thn number of rows on the status window and party command window be the same as the number of
    rows on the actor command window.
    == Window Width
    The three windows (actor command, party command, and status) can have their width changed.
    The default for actor command and party command is 192.
    The default for the status window is 624.
    The status window's width should probroblly be 816 - (whatever the actor command window's width is)
    When you change the actor command window's width, make sure you change the status window's width so you
    don't have ugly windows that overlap.
    == Most important parameter here
    The List entries positions parameter is very important. If you forget about it, your new menu items won't be displayed.
    Here's how it works, you make a list of numbers that correspond to different menu options. 1 = attack, 2 = magic/skill, 3 = guard, 4 = item, 5 = your first custom menu item, 6 = your second custom menu item, ect..
    The default list is 1,2,3,4. That would make a list with attack, magic, guard, and then item. If I added a 5 at the end to make 1,2,3,4,5, my first custom menu item would be displayed at the end of the list.
    If I put 5,4,2,3,1 , then it would be my first custom menu item, item, magic, guard, and attack.
    Of course, 6 would be the second custom menu item you make. 7 would be the third, and so on...
    == Plugin Commands
    changerows int
    Replace int with an whole number. This command will change the number of rows mid-game.
    changelistorder x,x,x,x
    Updates the commands list mid-game. Obviously replacing x,x,x,x with a list of numbers.

    Demo project?! Ugh. My plugin is simple. No download, but you can play an html5 demo here:

    Video and Download

    Look at the description of the Youtube video for the download link.


    Uh...let's see here...

    Q: My windows are overlapping.

    A: Combined width of actor command window and status window must be <= 816.

    Q: My windows are gone!

    A: Make sure you set the width correctly.

    Credit and Thanks


    You can use it in any type of game you want. Doesn't matter if it's a commercial game.

    Just don't claim this script as your own. By that, I mean don't go distributing it saying you made it. You don't have to credit me, just don't do that. Never saying anything about who made this script is fine.
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    Hey great work my friend!!

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