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Jan 13, 2021
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It's my first Feature poll and I don't know if I'm doing everything right.

I ask for the RPGmaker engine support of Smartphones running our games with easy port or directly create the games for smartphones

Java and Javascript runs on Android and iOS, so it's just logical to have Smartphone support for our games, already implemented into the Editor.

If this is not done, i write my own program for the Smartphone port and release it for 2,50 $ per month.
And I will make a YouTube tutorial about it as well as a tutorial to port the games on your own, which is complicated and always drives me crazy.

I have ported multiple small games and Demo's for Smartphone to play them then I'm riding a bus or train and think with this functionality of directly porting games for Smartphones with a strong warning that it can hurt the Smartphone if done incorrectly or with bad plug-ins as well as not all plug-ins work as intended on Smartphones.

This feature would reduce Mt existential crisis when ever I port a game for Android or iOS, and people I know who experiment with the RPGmaker scientifically can easier port it for stresstesting the devices or their programs in a safe Smartphone environment.

And I personally think, that the RPGmaker has the potential to bring RPG-joy into the modern m9bile world, professional developer like myself can easier create versions for more devices and increase their reach, imagine a mobile version of "to the moon" which could be a great example of modern day mobile gaming.

The RPGmaker MZ could be the first programm which allows a wiede variety of people to make awesome games for Smartphones and Tablets, with limited development stress. The Editor on PC or MAC has the potential to deliver lots and lots of fun and interesting mobile games, there people have great reasons again to play on their smartphone, be it on breaks, the commute to work or just a long session in the bathroom.

Additionally I could develop my AI JavaScript prohekts for Smartphone and can view the progress of multiple simple Algorithmen on a map with all the stats I give them. Which is better to look at, and partially easier to fine tune on Smartphone.

I will look for suitable pictures of my old RPGmaker MV and MZ ports for Android to drive my point home.

But I'm also ready to do my ports manually in the future and will make Youtuber tutorials about it.

Thank you for reading this, I'm quite passionate about this topic too and would like to see Smartphone ports within the Editor as a feature in the future.

Have a good pre-Christmas time.
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