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Dec 26, 2012
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Hey guys, how is it going? I've written a short article on how to add visual cues to your events in order to make it easier for you when you go back to your maps to fix or add something. Pasting from my original blog post:

I’ve been meaning write some tips about RPG Maker for a while but never seemed to find the time. With things quieter with Ladra, I’ve decided to stop being lazy about this and just make it happen. 

This time around I’ll be talking about adding visual cues to your events.

It’s usually pretty helpful to be able to quickly identify your events without having to open them up. In case of events that work as a controller, like with the flow of a cutscene for example, it’s nice to have a visual reminder about it.

So the first thing that I do is I create a character named Director (or any you like, really) and use him as a global variable. In Ladra’s case this worked really well since I only had one character at all times, but even if your games has a big party I’m pretty sure you can tailor the idea to your needs.


With this set up, you can configure your events so the first page always checks to see if this character is in the party. Since he’ll never be, the first page will just be ignored, but since the first one is used by RPG Maker you’ll be able to see it clearly on the map you’re editing.


The final result will be something as seen below. In it I have two event on the left corner where the first one is my cue for checkpoints while the second is used to start the music. On the bookshelf you can also see another cue which is for the book collectible present throughout the game.


This makes it a hundred times easier for me when I’m going back through the maps to rework or patch something up. 

Well, that’s it for now. I hope you guys enjoyed it and can make good use of it in your projects. Cheers o/


If you guys liked it please comment below and check out the blog here and if you wanna try Ladra out, feel free as well. 

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