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Jan 28, 2013
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Hello there.

I am looking for someone to make a change to Moogle_X's Equip Skill System plugin. Found here.

He hasn't been around for a few months, so I don't expect he'll be able to make the little change I want.

In his last update, he did modify his plugin so that individual skills could be blocked depending on the class of the user, which was a super useful thing, that I had suggested, and I'm super happy about it. The problem is that it does this by listing only the skills a class can use on it's note tag. While for some this might be alright, in my case I have hundreds of skills, and don't want to have to list them off 20+ times (a lot of classes) when I only need to disallow one specific skill per class.

I had a look at the code myself, and I think the area that needs to be checked is around line 1523, but I can't seem to figure out what to do to make it do the reverse of its intended function.

I want it so that any skills that are listed on the note tag for a class are disallowed, and any that are not listed are allowed.

Anyone willing to help me out?

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