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    I'm looking for advice on what to do with followers when what's happening is more than business as usual but less than a cutscene. I know not everyone uses visible followers, but this assumes visible followers. ^_^

    Here are some examples from my game, just to give an idea what I'm talking about, but any kind of generalized advice is welcome. FYI I only have three in my party, in fixed order.

    1. Something that IRL all characters would react to at the same time. For example, the ground cracks under the leader's feet. He jumps back. Obviously the person behind him should not move forward to stand on the crack. I just gather followers/turn off followers and then have the leader jump back. Does this seem acceptable? How about if they all fall through a hole, should they gather up first or just go down like lemmings in a line?

    2. Something that IRL they would each do in turn. Say, going across a horizontal vine that might snap under their weight. I feel like if this takes a custom animation, there needs to be a decent payoff for it to be worthwhile to make for every party member. So, either I gather up followers and turn them off, and have the leader cross the vine as a stand-in for all of them, or I make a production of it, such as a mini game where they each have to cross carefully, pausing whenever the ominous creaking gets too loud. (This would only be fun if the vines were few and far between.)

    3. Something that only one character does while the others just wait. For instance, you can cut down a tree with a machete, but any of the characters might have the machete equipped. I plan to have the leader ask for the machete if someone else has it, automatically equip it on him, and then have him chop the tree. Because again, making custom sprite animations unnecessarily for each sprite seems like too much effort. I'm thinking that if I go the route of making lots of custom animations that only one member of the party will use, I should not have the leader get all of them. I can have fishing guy, and tree chopping guy and net waving guy, for instance. So in that case they would fan out and one would step forward.

    How do people who use visible followers handle these sorts of issues? Thanks!!
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    How about events.
    Since you know where the cracks in the floor are, you can put events in place of the characters while the followers are still "on", turn "off" followers to hide the "true characters" and continue the action with the events behind the leader... but that would need fo you to know exactly where to place the events, order of characters included...

    The simple option would be starting those maps with the followers off and that is that, I guess.

    Another thing would be making a simple cut scene. That would solve everything as long as you keep it simple.

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